Mahvel Noob

I recently got marvel and been playing it lately with no success and honestly pretty bad so I am hoping for some tips and because I really wanna get into this game but just cant seem to get the hang of it or figure out the metagame

My team I use is

Wolve /Akuma/Vergil and if Im playing full on to win wolve/doom/vergil

Also what should I be practicing in training mode(one thing that comes to mind is my neutral game)
Also I play on xbox just to let people know

As a metagamer I always look to improve but I just dont know where to start here

One more thing is my inputting skills are very lacking as basic beginner bnbs I can barely keep up with and feel intimidated and just dont do them

Prepare to lose a lot in the next two years.

i would say dont focus on winning or losing, you win just pat your self on the back, you lose just think about what you can do the next time. i would say in training mode practice your bnbs try to commit them to muscle memory, practice your movement, and your meta games before you try and learn all of the fancy stuff
^ Read up

Keep playing the game, it takes time to get better

Ok ive been improving but I still find it hard to open people up with everyone that isnt vergil

And usually it cost me that match because I end up getting screwed over more times or not

Patients, I’m transitioning from "I gotta get in, I gotta get in. Even changed t characters up to be able to play keepaway and rushdown.

Also remember to use moves that are SAFE ON BLOCK! :slight_smile:

you dont need to change your whole team for dealing with rushdown and keep away just make sure your team as an entity has that option.
If your playing a character that almost nobody touches you can get a away with things that are unsafe or relatively unsafe, like a lot of chris players do a lot of unsafe moves to make them look safe, which a majority of the time works due to the low amount of chris players. Thats only if your playing a character that isnt used often.

the easiest mix up is really just j.h or a jumping move that has a good hit box then a low attack, gets a lot of people.

Faced a hulk/doom/Capt.A earlier and man it was rough did one thing wrong my character was dead

He bodied me like 4 times then I adapted and manage to get him back 3 times
Hulk was the main problem his doom was free and Capt was tricky
Only to fail because a minor silp up and got bodied again

Online lag is a quite the bitch

When I look back I should of just used doom against hulk and zoned him out

Wolve only is good if I can hit him first which is a pain with his armor so it was 50/50 with wolve

Wish I had someone to practice with

if you want someone to practice with im up for it might take me 2 weeks cause of finals for school but hey its better than nothing

Uhh sure

My gt is Fallen AtH

my gt is p0wer1337

Nope rushdown teams(which are begginers are told to use) pretty much sets themup to get bodied by everyone.

My Nova/frank/doom team was hell trying to get in with no options for zoning is damn near impossible. Im going to play defensive as hell in fighting games from now on too much of a risk trying to get close, and playing a character where you don’t have any options to get close is IMO stupid, and that only decreases as more characters die off.

Playing rushdown your opponent gets to block then as soon as you mess up and then punish, rather than hoping to get a hit, becuase light attacks which are slow don’t provide enough hit stun to actually react and hit confirm off of it.

Hey im not judging the way you play your team, im just saying you should make a team that has options, pick characters that can do both, or build a team around one, like if you play irion fist your assists would back him up, like have a beam to cover your approach. and your wrong about the light thing man i play chris, who has one of the slower lights in the game and i can hit confirm off them just right, its all just being able to react to getting that stray hit into a confirm.

When you learn how to rush down you learn a lot about the mechanics of the game, you learn more than just sitting back and just using projectiles doesnt teach you that much. If you have a character that has the problem of getting in you have assists to help them get in.

I agree man only the really good players can really make specific teams work it seems.

Without options, we tend to get blown up rather easy, but much faster with rushdown.

hey im just saying that when you learn rushdown you learn the match up easier, sure the best way to deal with haggar is to zone his ass out, but when your facing characters like morrigan, vergil, or a character who is considered top tier you need to learn the match up or dont give them room to breath. You give morrigan room to breath you make the game a bullet hell, give vergil room to breath you eat a raw rapid slash into a full herp derp combo that tods with sword loops. You need to learn the mechanics of your character, you need to make your own options and use option selects. I play chris, when you throw a fire grenade or a frag grenade and they hit me out of the animation of the throw there is still the puddle or fire that comes, thats an option. You need to think about what my assists can offer me from combo extensions to ways of getting in. Thats why you see all these top players playing assists that give them the ability to get in. Thats why you see combo fiend playing strange cause of the bolts assist to cover his spencer and nova to make his movement safe, or how flocker players hawkeye to make his dashes safe. or how marlin pie plays ammy on cold star. All of these players play a primary rushdown game its just that they use their assists a lot to help them get in.
But hey what am i to say about play styles really as long as more and more people dont jump on the morrigan bullet hell bs im chill

Exactly man, you have to play the matchup as well, that is the whole reason when I get my arcade stick is to learn point Magneto. He has an execution barrier, but he is almost to good to pass up. I can play both options.

Say I run Idk, a Mags/Doom/Ammy

with Magneto I can handle any situation, because he has some of the best mobility in the game. I love playing Nova, but us noobs need to actually learn the game, and until then however long that takes. Gotta put in work, but at the same time, I’m not only trying to level for myself, but so other people can level up as well. The faster the skill gap gets bridged the faster the scene will grow.

the reason why the scene is kinda small, which i hate, is like you said the learning curve. Its also the people don’t really want to spend the time to learn the game where they can play easier genres like fps, some rts, and all the genres like that. I mean capcom already dumb downed fighting games by making mvc3 and umvc3 with the 4 button system. Getting a stick is just purely preference on what you think is more comfortable unless your playing a 6 button game like street fighter.

Im Starting to realize instead of feeling intimidated by everything ill just do it and learn it

I have to put In my mindset that there Is no easy way out and stop avoiding things I need to learn if I wanna get better at this game.

Thats the exact mind set you need to have, there is no easy way in learning anything really

Ok the thing that pisses me of the most so far is the horrid netcode screws me every time