Mahwah NJ Weekly SF4/BB Tournaments

Although I currently run SF4 Bi-weekly tournaments in Nanuet, NY, I have an offer to do either weekly or bi-weekly tournaments in Mahwah, NJ 07430. I am just checking to see the kind of interest this draws. I have held one event in Mahwah before and the turnout was okay.

Let me know so I can think about my options.

And in the meantime checkout Toywiz in Nanuet, NY on 9/19/09 for my next event.

well it depends on when you hold these for me personally wed and fri is great. so i think more jersey tournaments the better we need the tourney scene to get better for us.

I was thinking on like a Sunday. I know a lot of stuff is closed on Sunday in Jersey and there is not much going on. I know I’d be down to have something to do every Sunday.

I’m down if the pot’s big enough

That’s all dependent on the players as you know.

Any weekday after 8 is good for me

where exactly in mahwah?

It’s on Route 17 in Mahwah, NJ.