Mai avatar request

To make it concise and to the point, I want an avatar with Mai’s KOF 2k2 win portrait and her CvS2 winpose where she lies on the floor with a dark red background. Anything else I leave to any tagger that accepts this request.

Sorry for my bluntness. The person who made my original avatar met me in a forum, and he asked me if I wanted one. I really liked it, and I’m grateful to him for it.

Anyways, I’m not on too much, but whoever might be willing to accept has any liberties. All I really desire on the avatar is mentioned in Paragraph 1.

Thanks in advance!


nevermind changed my mind

I’ll give it a try, what with my being a fellow Mai lover and all.


i didnt know u did requests MC:D i always thought you were too busy making tags for battles who the opponent never showed up to lol:lol: :cool:

I take requests, it’s just my style is quite simple so I don’t think many of the folk here would value it much, instead going for the artistry of Liquid Child, Blodia, and so on.

Good call on that tag battle.


If it’s of no trouble to you, MC, then I’m all right with it. Any avatar with Mai already has my love and gratitude.

The stuff is on my first post, and go at any pace. I don’t want you to get any pressure on m account. :smiley:

Thanks again!