Mai Glitches & Info

Just a quick question for anyone who can answer this (topic says all). Are there any glitches with Mai or that happens against Mai?

Also (yes, shoot me for asking this FSGamer…), where can I find frame data and the like for Mai, as well as what moves are priority with her?

I don’t know of any glitches with her (well, I’ve never looked for info on that to be honest).

There are some moves with weird properties, though, I’m sure most people have noticed those already.

-j.LK & j.MK can hit as cross-ups but the distance/set-ups are very specific (j.LK is slightly better but it still sucks as a cross-up).
-qcb+HP hits twice against some characters, his once against others, it depends on whether they’re crouching or standing as well as character size.
-c.LK > close s.LK, s.MP x qcb+HP - if you do the c.LK > s.LK chain slowly sometimes you get a far s.LK instead of close s.LK, even if you start the combo at point blank range (far s.LK doesn’t link into s.MP, thus it fucks up your combo). It might be character specific. Just hit the LKs fast and you won’t have a problem.
-I know there are certain normal moves that go over/under other character’s moves but I don’t remember them from that top of my head. That’s something anybody can easily find in training mode, though.


Frame data: