Mai tips and tricks

This is just to start off a generic Mai thread… a list of some random stuff I find useful with Mai

I am by no means a Mai master, so feel free to improve on any of this stuff.

Anti- air options

st.fierce I use as a default anti-air, but you must pick up the jump early and distance correctly. This has a similar angle to Athena’s st.strong, but does more damage. Priority is ok, but will not beat crossups and deep jump-ins.

Flame Pillar
Charge down then up+k. Effective as anti air only if you pick up on the jump VERY early. Use lk version because the startup on the others is horrible. Use this only if you are sure the move will hit as the move has massive recovery time. Works well against far away Honda headbuts and Blanka balls (unless close enough to still have RC invincibility!) and Vegas dive attacks.

Roll cancelled flame attack (qcb+p)
This is probably her anti-air for obvious reasons. Dont abuse this as it easily rolled through and has alot of recovery if the opponent blocks it close.

j.rh is also a good all purpose anit-air, air-to-air. High priority, I think its one of the best j.rh in the game next to Rock and Sagat. Good for a suprise small jumping attack too to get that last hit.

j.short is her crossup. Good as a set-up to throwing mindgames.

Mai’s throw is damn good as well.


cr.fierce is good too, for guard damage, bufferabilty, priority. Easy as hell to combo supers after this.

cr.forward is a quick little slide, has some recovery though, so be careful.

st.rh has huge startup and little range… use as a meaty.

st.jab is good! Good range, high priority. Can sometimes anti-air.

cr.short for ghetto style.

cr.jab is ok, same with cr.strong.

Easiest combo is j.rh, cr.fierce, fierce flame attack. Does four hits, nice damage. Not safe for guard damage though as the last attack has long recovery, throw out a fan instead.

Generally speaking, I use Mai as a battery, throwing fans ALOT (you can buffer these after a cr.rh, usually safe) and random flame attacks to build meter. She is not a ruchdown machine a la Kyo, her pokes dont have alot of speed or range, so just annoy the hell out of the opponent with fans, cr and j.rh, mix it up with throws and you should be on your way.

A cheesy tactic is when cornered, to use her triangle jump (jump back onto the wall, then jump forward) and use a qcb+p at the peak of the jump (you should be off the screen at this point). You end up on the other side of the screen. Just watch out for the super attempt. This will usually beat a tiger uppercut btw, done this many times. This tactic sets up a little game in itself. You can omit the qcb+p and go straight into a combo or throw.

One thing I started to do with low jumping Mai is, low jump roundhouse straight into qcb+fierce. The timing for the 3hit combo is pretty liberal. Anyway it’s pretty cool if you do it off a jumpin short or such. Then you can get them to start fearing empty low jump into low short combo.

i love this one…
d lk,c lk,qcf hk-4 hit’s
jump in hk re-jump hk qcbhp super.-6-7 hit’s…
as for her strat’s well all you need is sj hk…
hp for anti air!and qcb lp,that’s just to fake ure opp…
if he uppercut’s or something you wont get hit,but you’ll
hit youre opp…also duhk is another dope anti air…
just dont use it to much or you’ll get raped!!
i think K is her best groove just cuz of jd…
what do you guy’s suggest…??

Although I have no clue what half the stuff you wrote is referring to… a-groove is by far her best groove.

that’s youre opinion…but i think K groove is the best…>_0

Mai is a rushdown character IMO … thats why she has all that speed. She can really limit the opponents game. All I have to say, is use j lk when close … cr lk, jump over with lk, repeat. Very simple tactic, mix up with a straight, empty jump.

i think sj hk is way beter than sj lk becouse not only will it
sometimes buff youre opp but it’s less like’ly you’ll get hit…
as for c lk well that shit is weaker than a scrub tactic…
her c hp now that is way beter than her c lk,it has reach
and it’s is easy to follow up with her bab combo…

Um, are you saying you dont use

i use j rh when I need the range or the hit. Easy to combo off of, but I use j lk a little more for the cross up, if I know that it will. j rh beats a lot of things, with small jump its deadly.

cr lk, i don’t see how this can not be useful, aside for the range. True, it does crappy damage, but you can link 3 cr lk’s into her Bee super. Easy to pull off when you get the motion down. You can even link her super off of just one. Sometimes I’ll use 2, jump over with j lk, cross up, cr fierce into qcb fierce. Mix things up, don’t just go with the same things over again. Opponents who avoid the cross up by rolling, try to bait the roll, then punish. Not much you can do to punish RC’s …

Also, if I know the opponent is itching to get an attack in, I’ll try to knockdown with cr rh. Distance yourself so your just about BARELY in sweep range, then do qcb fierce. If your opponent tries to attack, it’ll pretty much beat out anything, and it pushes back just enough for it to be safe since you distanced yourself before you did it.

yes i do use sj lk…but i like to use hk beter,you should try it
anyway’s i still think k groove is beter than A groove well
for mai atleast!!

How do you figure K groove is the best for her? She has no wake up game when she gets knocked down unless she’s raged. Might as well pick N or C.

just like any other character in K groove would, just defend that shit :slight_smile:

Just defend is fine, but its not enough for the damage that she takes. Might as well pick P groove. Personally, I think she thrives in N groove. But if one thing is for certain, you aren’t using her to her fullest capabilities without her low jump. Low jump RH into Lvl 3 Bee Super is just way too good. Her run is good for pressure if you want to bridge the spacing a bit.

playing in n or c she still does not have any wake up options. The same could be said for these grooves what you said for k, to wake up she needs a super. Waking up with a level 2/3 cannot be done consistently, people will know you want to because you have no other options and will bait it out of you. Of course, them trying to bait it out of you often leads to you waking up and being on equal grounds (not in block stun from meaty attacks).

and if you just use c.rh that’s not very smart, poke strings over pokes… they take off more guard meter. Using and can lead you into a c.rh -> fan. if the lk’s dont move you too far they are in block stun until the fan hits. (meaning they cant super through it) but if you are too far (at c.rh max range) they can super through the fan. They can also punish if they jd the c.rh and block the fan. Im not sure if they can punish if they jd the sweep from full range, most people will wait for the fan though, giving you some sort of mind game advantage.

her a-groove combo is very easy to do. I’ve been told you get more damage if you dont mash but you can mash buttons just the same and still do a complete a-combo. Her a-combo begins low unlike her supers so you will have more chance of landing it.

Mai is also VERY good at running away. Anyway, im not a mai expert but those are my thoughts. I’ve seen her played really effectively as a turtling character.

I can’t remember exactly, but can’t you cancel her cr RH into a SJ even if its blocked? I don’t really throw a lot of fans, I remember doing it a few times and being super’d right after, couldn’t block. It seems most supers can reach her before she recovers from the fan. The push away from the cr RH and the fan isn’t far enough. Of course, not many know you can punish with the super …

I guess I don’t like K groove because of the lack of a surprise. They see you raged, and they are more cautious.

Hmmmmmmmmmm wonder who’s mai you talking bout:cool:

Word, this the best mai player around right here :smiley:

you know how many times i’ve heard "im the best mai player"
but who gives a fuck!!!ok on to the topic so what’s new
with her…??has anyone found any interesting combos lately…?

I’m not saying IM the best mai player, im saying HE’s the best :smiley:

the fuck…cancel C.Roundhouse into Super jump??? Where did you get this idea? Dear god that would be cheap