Mai versus Top tiers

Damn this shits old. Well whatever.

vs. Blanka Ball:
Block high, walk forward, jab, MAYBE RH also. Not sure on this.

vs. Sagat:

Throw fans, sweep, I dunno a whole lot about this match.

vs. Blanka:
From what I hear, jump short beats everything Blanka has on the ground.

Vs. Cammy:
Do alot of sweeps, Mai’s cr. RH outranges Cammy’s st. RH by a tiny bit so she get swept.

Shoot, I forgot about this. I wrote another guide with most of that stuff fixed. go read that one instead. its in the only other thread on the mai forum.

you suck. mix up a jumpin with an UNSAFE AS FUCK AIR DIVE ATTACK?

you also left out probably her most important and effective combo, probably because you cant do it.

c.:lk: > c.:lk: > elbow super

i bet you dont even know why its her best combo either.

god i hate gamefaqs. guys like you make other people suck at fighting games.

go to you tube and type in rai. he’s got a great mai.

yeah, glad you’re the expert. prolly the BEST advice ive ever heard… :annoy:
if you read the thread i started, that stuff is already cleaned up. Though, the flying squirrel thing does in fact work. But, just to humor you, I changed the actual guide to tell mai players to use your effective strategy, just because its not common at all. sarcasm

I use the air dive ocassionally if I’m expecting an anti air. Say Rock’s st rh. Space it so right as she’s about to get into Rock’s st rh as anti air, do the dive so she spins while his move sticks out and hits him in recovery.

Other than situations like that, I don’t use wall dive unless I know I’m going to connect or force a block at their feet. Its safe in that event. (May not be the case with her lp as I think the recovery time is excessive).

Oh, and as a suprise element. Cancelling into her air dive from j lk. I usually do this in a deep jump in, sometimes early if I’m expecting them to mash cr short.

I looked at the other thread. Mostly beginner stuff.

well, it was a guide meant for begginners… and, thank you for showing how you use the jump in dive. Its not unsafe if used correctly, Deus, please edit the post so you dont look like a complete jerk, and try to rephrase it to appear a bit more… constructive.

no. you’re a scrub and you have no business writing strategy.

(xxdeusxx on someone else’s sn)

Ok, look. The guide is a work in progress. It’s how I play Mai, and I win with it. Now, the only way the guide is going to get better, is if people that are good with mai (like you, im assuming) contributes to the guide. So, instead of trying to ruin anyone’s chance of learning on this forum, please post in the guide section what you know and what you think should be changed.

I still use Mai as my main fighter regardless (and in C-Groove). I find her to be really good if you know how to use her well enough.

Anyways, when it comes down to those fighters, it’s all a matter of knowing what those characters can do and whatnot (as with any other fighters). I can easily take down a C-Groove Blanka or C-Groove Sagat using just my C-Groove Mai (I only really use C-Groove with her…).

Oh, and could I see that guide? I’m curious as to what you’ve come up with. I’m still in the process of writing an overall faq for the entire game right now (gonna work on my own Mai faq eventually…).