Main differences between Myoungshin Fanta and Crown 303-FK?


Hey I am looking to swap to a true korean lever now that I have compatibility but my one main question is, how much of a difference in feel and precision is the new Crown 303-FK to the traditional Fanta?

Thanks, Corey.

Myoungshin fanta stick vs Crown CWJ-303N/CWJ-FK
Starting off on Stick

all crown have crappy rubbber grommet
has an asymmetric hardness on surface, the same on throw and engage.
right is not the same how on left
depends on the models, you can hit good base, you can hit crap

Myoungshin: there are two versions

  • (old ver?) with medium rubbber grommet, actuator is larger and have asymmetrical shape - best model
  • low stiffness with stright actuator I do not recommend but still better than Crown
    You can replace the rubbber grommet low/medium or medium/low but the medium is more stable than low

best option buy medium Fanta and additionally low stffnes rubbber grommet.
play few days - select better for you


To add on to what Kowal is saying, from what I hear via word of mouth is that the Crowns are a cheaper feeling sloppier version of the M. Fanta. If your case can fit it I would definately get that. If you are cheap and don’t want to spend money to try the crown out, go to a game store, buy a Korean madcats, test it, and return it. As long as you don’t break the seal on the bottom and your stores policy allows for returns of opened perphs. you should be okay.


I’ll back what kowal said. If you’ve got a case that can mount an authentic Korean joystick, get the Myoungshin Fanta. Crown sticks aren’t expressly lower quality, but they have a TON of machining inconsistencies that make purchasing them sort of a risk. I’ll grant that I’ve only tried 3 different Crown models, but I’ve found at least one major problem in each.

  • As kowal said, the Crown sticks have poorly machined rubber grommets that don’t provide the same resistance in all directions. Some directions might feel as if they have heavier resistance compared to the others. In two of the Crown sticks I tried (the CWL 305 and the CWJ-303N) the rubber grommets weren’t even the correct size. They were notably smaller and were able to move around inside of the base.

  • It could be related to the grommet inconsistency issue, but corners are comparatively much harder to hit on Crown joysticks compared to the Myoungshin Fanta, particularly the Crown joysticks that are modeled after the Fanta, like the CWJ-303N and the Japanese mounting plate capable CWJ-303A. As kowal said, you have to move the lever a lot further to activate any direction compared to a Fanta, even further to hit a corner.

  • Finally, the shafts on Crown joysticks also suffer machining inconsistencies. In the CWJ-303A and the CWL 305 I had, the shafts were ever so slightly bent, meaning that the already inconsistent directions and diagonals were even more inconsistent due to the bend. It varies from batch to batch I hear, but I’d rather not risk the inconsistency and just buy a Myoungshin Fanta.

I wish I could say that it was just a matter of it being a preference thing like Sanwa vs. Seimitsu, but if you’re getting a Fanta style joystick, there is literally no reason to get a Crown. Just buy the Myoungshin Fanta and get the real deal. You’ll be much happier with it than if you went the other way.


on bottom fanta have square gate

  • you dont fell this in normal move because funell at the top is circle and get You priority on rotation
    but little help on clear diagonal

303 have circle on bottom
and have worse actuator

303 or Fanta
is the same story how
Hori or Sanwa
the choice is easy

I do not say crown is shit, I like 305 and 306
but do not buy 303 if you can buy Fanta
303 is only an imitation 4me


The main reason I would bring this up is because the new compatibility of mounting widens the horizon quite a bit for people that don’t have a custom stick or aren’t all that mod savvy I purchased on and am hoping for the best thanks for the tips though, I am also just hoping that they got their shit together with the later models of the 303FK.

Thanks, Corey.


I think wazwuz is selling replacement grommets in the trading outlet.

Kowal, where can you get a replacement grommet in Europe?


better buy Fanta and drill 35mm :stuck_out_tongue:

I use something like this

hard too use but final effect is more nicely
I cut all hole on metal panel with this Garant drill (set:25,30,35 & 45mm)

alainvey - all stick I get from Laugh


I see, so you just removed the grommet from a Myoungshin Fanta and put it in a Crown.


You actually can’t; the Crown and Myoungshin Fanta have two entirely different shaped rubber grommets. They are incompatible with each other, although you can replace any Crown rubber grommet with any other Crown rubber grommet, and you can swap the grommet from a Myoungshin Fanta into a Taeyoung Fanta and vice versa. You just can’t put the grommet from a Myoungshin/Taeyoung stick into any Crown stick.


So essentially the only reason you look down on the 303FK is because of the rushed delivery if you will on production? Often flaws in the grommet and sometimes other things?



I think Kowal was criticising the Crown 303A model in general, including the FK version. I would trust Kowal’s advice on this matter.


I understand he really doesn’t advise anyone to use it or even purchase it but I cannot tell if there is some bias involved or he had one bad experience and deem them all terrible is the thing, if I were to get a perfectly machined one per say would it feel close to the Fanta?

Thanks, Corey.


I have had experience with the crown 303-fk vs. the myoungshin fanta and I also agree with everything that Kowal has said.


Anything you can be specific on with it Virtual?

Thanks, Corey.


I just had my crown 303-fk go “bad” after just 3 weeks of use. Whenever I do a fireball motion it literally feels like the shaft is scraping/grinding along the top circular opening of the mounting plate. it’s so bad when I took the stick apart the shaft actually has a groove in it where it was scraping. It didn’t do this when I first got it and it’s apparently being caused by the cheap rubber tension grommet in the thing. Kind of disappointed I wasted $30 on one of these.


Well the problem with the 303-fk is that the rubber tension grommet doesn’t feel as “solid” as the myoungshin’s rubber grommet and the diagonals on the stick are absolutely terrible, probably some of the worst diagonals I have seen on any joystick. IMO, Just get the myoungshin and drill a hole for the collar in the top panel or just buy a etokki omni Korean stick, I have a revision 2 with the myoungshin and it is great.(shameless plug for laugh) :slight_smile:


Do they still produce them?


Okay Kwal you are this close to convincing me to drill out my b15 case, do you have a guide on what diameter to use?



Oh, you were planning to do this to your B15 Captain America stick? IMO that changes everything. I wouldn’t drill it because once you do it, if you don’t like the myoungshin fanta there is no going back to a Sanwa jlf or any other Japanese style joystick (maybe it is still possible and the dustwasher will cover the bigger hole but I have never seen a Korean mount top plate converted back to a Japanese joystick top plate, maybe darksakul or kowal can offer some additional insight if it is possible) But if it is not possible to switch back to a japanese style joystick I defiantly would NOT do this to a B15 stick. I would buy another case or arcade stick (something worth way less) and drill and make a Korean stick out of that. Plus like I said if you don’t like the fanta stick and you still want to sell the B15 stick I think it will be much harder to sell it being that you changed the stick forever (unless someone sends it back to Sam and has him make a new top panel to restore it back to original.)