Just digging through the team building thread and found this. I think it should probably go into another thread because it’s informative instead of just ending up being lost somewhere.

POPULAR TEAMS (and not so popular!!):

Team Tatsu (X23/Deadpool/Sentinel)

**Pros: **Drones to get in and compliment X23’s left/right game, deadpool gives her a relaunch to fix her dmg output. If she dies early Deadpool should have some good meter to work with, and Sentinel can still get the job done in XF3.

**Cons: **Not so great DHC synergy for a team of this combination. X23 still has no real options of converting dmg at super jump height and preventing lame outs. Drones can disappear if X23 doesn’t protect Sentinel, for he is a huge touchbox on the screen. Team is seemingly much weaker than the Vanilla version because many more things can work around it.

Team Meep (Zero/X23/Dante)

**Pros: **Zero does all the work and kills something with lighting loop while still remaining meter positive for X23’s entry. This puts X23 in a great position to kill the rest with XF2 and dirt nap, and Dante is a capable anchor in case that he is needed.

**Cons: **Worst thing that comes to mind is how much Dante is needed for this team. If he dies from a HB or Snap in it would really hurt this teams synergy. Zero may have to spend two meters to kill higher health characters from lighting loop.

Team Trauma (X23/Wesker/Dorm)

**Pros: **X23 can break 800k+ with this setup, and Dorm with XF and meter is nuts. Anybody can look good with Wesker.

**Cons: **It’s a bit harder to play for beginner X23 players due to the placement of Dark Hole assist and limited knowledge on X23 resets/frame traps. The Wesker DHC is also terrible, but it does give him his shades buff.

Team DevilJin (X23/Dante/[Doom/Iron Man])

**Pros: **X23 gets in free with a beam assist and Dante’s Jam Session puts more hitboxes in the air for flyers. Can kill something with a reset(s) and free dirt nap the next character.

**Cons: **X23 struggles with causing any worthwhile dmg, you may need two or even three resets just to kill something. Because of recent tech Doom may or may not be the idea anchor, DHC synergy not the best as other options in terms of DMG.

Team Merkyl (X23/Frank West/Felicia)

**Pros: **Cart Lockdown is real good for X23 stuff and Felicia gives her a relaunch and scary anchor.

**Cons: **No cheesy ways to LVup Frank without spending some time in the lab. Flyers and good zoning could provide some issues also.

Team Luis (X23/Ryu/Wesker)

**Pros: **X23 gets Wesker’s OTG and a good DHC ender from Ryu. Ryu/Wesker can setup unblockables.

**Cons: **Probably effective zoning can ruin this team the most.

Team Wandles (Hulk/X23/Iron Man)

**Pros: **Huge dmg by giving Hulk an OTG assist. Iron Man surrounds him with hitboxes to go along with his armored normals. And, of course X23 has XF2 for the derpy stuff.

Cons: Getting Hulk to stay in could be a problem against good keep away. Iron Man isn’t exactly an idea anchor either.

Team Ryuga (X23/Chun Li/Storm)

**Pros: **Well uhh you can get a good DHC ender in Chun-Li and she can build good meter in TACs. I think she gives X23 a relaunch the corner? Storm with XF3+Meter can cause great chip or assist snipe.

**Cons: **If X23 dies early this team can be in huge trouble. Whirilwind is no beam assist but you can still work along it. Team has low health and HBs can ruin everything.

Team Felax (X23/Doom/Ammy)

Pros: Cold Star pressure, Doom options, TACs, relaunching, all of these help X23 solidify her game. Doom and Ammy also work good together should X23 dies.

**Cons: **Probably HB’s, especially on Ammy since she stays on the screen for a great amount of time and X23 doesn’t protect her.

Team Ephidel (X23/Doom/Wesker)

**Pros: **It works the same way Felax does, just replace Ammy with Wesker. What you lose in cold star pressure you gain by setting up unblockables for both X23 and Doom.

**Cons: **No strong alternatives for knocking stuff out of the air. Ideally, Wesker would be better suited to come in at second so he can use Doom’s beam assist to get in.

Team Jaytoo (Tron/Deadpool/X23)

**Pros: **Solid point and high health character that can cause good dmg. Deadpool brings zoning depth/options for Tron and X23 now has more time in XF3 to do her derp.

**Cons: **Said to be too gimmicky for constant success. A lot of things have to go right in order for this team to be successful.

Team Eternal Blaze (Ghost Rider/X23/Vergil)

**Pros: **A unique team using Ghost Riders chain to punish stuff and two powerful options in XF2 Laura or XF3 Vergil. The Heartless Spire can be used as a relaunch for X23 just like Rapid Slash can.

**Cons: **Some might say that Ghost Rider should be replaced by a much better point with more options to build meter for X23/Vergil.

Team Class Real (X23/Storm/Ammy)

**Pros: **A team that has pretty good synergy in a lot of areas (DHC, THC, etc.) Cold Star setups are still among the best options to get X23 going. Ammy is pretty good anchor with a lot of options in XF3.

**Cons: **Meter management is necessary for this team. Storm can’t cause enough dmg without good meter, and Ammy loves sitting on it as well. X23 can serve as a battery or sorts, but she will have to be committed to resets in order to kill something. The debate between just how good Whirilwind assist is for X23 to get in is still ongoing :stuck_out_tongue:

Team Kubo (Vergil/X23/Dante)

**Pros: **Vergil can gain much from X23’s OTG and Dante provides air lockdown. Team uses Dirt Nap strats to achieve most victories.

**Cons: **Vergil loves sitting on meter but it should probably go to X23 more, forcing him to hold back on spending it on stuff (swords, max vergil, etc). Team is probably too dirt nap dependent.

Team DM brandon (X23/Vergil/Arthur)

**Pros: **X23 can use rapid slash for stuff and arthur daggers supports her left/right mixups as well as getting in. Vergil has safe DHCs and Arthur is powerful in XF.

**Cons: **Low health, and Arthur depends on XF otherwise he is seemingly a wasted spot on the team.

<<<realized he got carried away from posting peoples teams 3:


Ah, my team was X-23/Chun/Storm, and I’d just like to say that team…doesn’t cut it IMO haha. Whirlwind’s just not strong enough as a projectile assist, though it’s decent. Even X-23/Chun/Akuma’s not a decent enough team. The teams I’m messing around with currently are X-23/Dorm/Akuma and X-23/Dante/Akuma. I like X-23/Storm/Akuma too, but I have to make do without an AAing assist.

I think overall, X-23/Dante/Akuma, X-23/Magneto/Dante or X-23/Dante/Magneto and X-23/Doom/Dante(or X-23/Dante/Doom) are the most solid teams overall in covering what you need for X-23(pinning assist, projectile/get-in assist. Though X-23 does average damage(above 700K with the most optimal loop combos), you can use TACs for TODing/infiniting, or you can use oki mix-ups to serve as resets.

X-23/Sent and X-23/Ironman are potential good duos IMO.


Haha, I feel so honored to even get mentioned. Anyways my team configuration is basically about maximizing X-23s gimmicks - namely, the X-factor infinites, and Dirt Nap.

My usual team is Tron/Deadpool/X-23. Nevermind how bad of a character Tron is - the general idea of the team is two batteries and X-23. From the very beginning, I’m counting on the fact that Tron is probably going it die. Deadpool, ideally, will not, but if he does, it’ll work out. Of course, I’ll try to win with no one dying, but it’s not gonna weaken my gameplan at all as long as X-23 stays alive.

Best case scenario is obviously that Tron kills everyone (it happens more often than you’d think, I swear!).

The usual scenario is that Tron will die, but not before getting some good damage in, and building 1.5 meters just by dying (also, combos drop on Tron all the time.) Deadpool will then come in and play super lame. My only goal while either Tron or Deadpool is alive is to just get one single kill.

When I’ve gotten that kill, I will try to go into X-23’s xf2 loop in any way possible. With Deadpool on point, I can combo a hard tag into the loop, or I can DHC into X-23 and combo from there. If X-23 gets snapped in, I’ll guard cancel them on the first opportunity. The xf2 loop will build me the meter to dirt nap the last character.

The worst case scenario is that both Tron and Deadpool get bodied. At this point, I’ll try to guard cancel the first character for the kill, put a welcoming mixup on the second while xf3 is still active, and dirt nap the last character.

If the opponent manages to snap X-23 in early on, I’ll be in the default X-23/otg assist/neutral assist configuration, and play on.

The obvious weakness of this team configuration is that it’s quite dependent on the gimmicks - if the opponent is ready with the counter-xfactor, it becomes much harder to win. If the opponent has a was of escaping Dirt Nap, again, much harder. If they’ve got ways of taking away meter (side exchange, Morrigan), much harder.

This is not an optimal team configuration, in my opinion, but it’s not weak, either. If you replace Tron with a better battery (say, Magneto), it’s that much stronger.


It’s worth noting that while Whirlwind is not an ideal beam assist, it does give you access to a few things that Distuptor/Plasma Beam/Unibeam don’t. The pushback allows you to make your M Feints a lot more ambiguous and give you fake crossups at distances where you’d crossup with any other assist, and it also lets you combo into a fully charged Neck Slicer to give you similar damage to those fancy OTG combos, but without the need for an actual OTG assist.

I did a write-up on some other stuff I think Storm offers X-23 over here.I actually think Storm might be one of X-23’s better partners, even with the inherent flaws of the character.


IMO, it’s the speed of Whirlwind that puts me off it really, but it’s really durable and travels across the ground, making it excellent for dealing with stuff like Flame Carpet.

The DHC synergy between X-23 and Storm is great. Since Rage Trigger carries all the way to the corner, if you have extra meter, after a Rage Trigger>Hail Storm DHC, you can tag on Whirlwind>Lightning Storm on big chars and for small chars, you can do the usual Elemental Rage after Hail Storm. Hail Storm ruins assist calls like nobody’s business too as well.


In regards to Storm not causing enough damage with meter, what I like to do is end Storm’s combos with Fair/Foul Wind + Cold Star. It basically creates a Vortex-like situation where it forces them to keep dealing with Storm’s trijump mixups as the Wind prevents a tech roll escape. So I just do that once or twice and I can get the kill. It risks the chance of them blocking the mixup of course, but I like it a lot more than spending a meter that won’t kill and will reset the neutral game.

It makes me feel a lot safer about using the meters I get off of X-23’s resets for Dirt Naps too.


If you’re making them roll into Fair/Foul Wind+Cold Star, don’t worry, chances are they won’t be able to block the mix-ups haha. Even if through some miracle they manage to block all the high-lows and fake-outs, it leaves Storm at an advantage. So I definitely agree with you on not spending meter unnecessarily with Storm.

Due to the TAC infinite, I feel it’s eventually gonna come down to X-23/Ironman/insert char here really for one of the staple X-23 teams. Ironman has the best assists for X-23(beam that leaves the opponent standing on hit and lockdown+relauncher.) Either TAC infinite people to death(apparently, Ironman’s infinite is dead easy, haven’t tried it out yet though) or if you don’t feel like using the TAC infinite, deal damage with relauncher combos. A character that provides a suitable assist to aid Ironman in 3rd position, and you’re set.

That’s if people’re willing to learn Ironman that is.


Sadly I haven’t actually played my siggy team in a few months. :frowning: I like my avatar too much to change it tho, lol.

Right this second I’m playing a modified Trauma:
X23(CS)/Dorm(Dark Hole)/Wesker(OTG). 1.2mil meter neutral off a touch, one of the strongest dhcs in the game, 4 way TAC infinites mid and corner with Dorm, derp anchor wesker. Also, my new favorite thing in this game: Kill with a DHC into dorm then just sit there and let the next guy come in swinging, Alpha counter into CS which leads to a full 1.2k to the next character. It’s kind of her counter Dirt Nap that only costs 1 meter. (I love this against vergils and dantes.)

Also messed around with:

Trish(Low Voltage)/X23(AS)/Dorm(Dark Hole), normal derp Trish stuff with optimal combos for Trish and unblockables. X23/Dorm is one of her strongest pairings imo. Round harvest wakeup>hard tag Dorm>unblockables. You get some freedom on which assist you want to play with trish, none of them are mind-blowing but they all have a few decent setups/uses.

Strange(Bolts)/X23(AS)/Dorm(Dark Hole) These three work in almost any mix. Dorm backed with Bolts can play a mean zone and combo extension/unblockables with X-23, X23 backed with bolts and dark hole lets her get in and pressure from anywhere (people crouching under bolts get blown up by her crossover falling claws also walljump>bolts>TA H catches a lot of people since you hardly ever see strange on screen) and she gets strong DHC options with both of them, Strange gets combo extension and safe pressure and strange/Dorm THCs are brutal and allow for follow-ups. Everyone can derp well with XF2 and 3. (I’m pretty sure Dorm/X23/Strange is going to be my go to for Moridoom teams. I ran into a V.joe/Morri/Doom and I couldn’t do shit. Hella frustrating.)

Wolv/X23/Akuma: Not even gonna bother to type why this team can work, everyone is in an optimal position and is pretty derp. Only downside to the overall synergy is wolvy assist isn’t great for X23, but personally, I don’t see any reason why you are playing him until he dies unless he gets snapped.

Tron/Frank/X23: Tron has everything she needs to get a hit and full combo and off of any touch gets a level 4 frank. Only issue is that you’ll have to work to get x23 back to 2nd after leveling up.

Vergil/X23/Frank: Another really strong team as long as you can get a touch with vergil (like that’s really a big issue.) Frank gets meterless level ups through vergil hard tags. Once Frank is leveled up, go ham. You usually don’t have to worry about X23 since you’re most likely abusing XF 2 with this team. This is the only team that hasn’t gotten a ton of lab time from me yet but it’s on my to-do list.


Wow, Ephidel, that’s some serious detail. I like a lot of those teams. I’ve been thinking of X-23 teams forever, and my current iterations are Nemesis/X-23/Ammy and Taskmaster/Dormammu/X-23. All fun, all flawed, I don’t care.

With the first, X-23 gets a crapton of meter on hit with Nemesis, especially when he does his jump loops or resets, and the otg assist from X-23 allows Nemesis to get his dirtier resets from the end of longer combos. Also, he has so much health that if things go wrong I still get meter. X-23 with cold star is obvious, and X-23 can relaunch with Nemesis’ wall bounce assist for good damage. She also can use it as an extremely derp Bolts assist, people crouching the rocket get thrown, the only time I’ve ever used decapitating slice, lol. And Dirt Nap stuff with Ammy isn’t too hard. Also, both Nemesis and Ammy assists allow X-23 to convert off air throws, and Nem’s bounce allows X-23 to have any midscreen combos carry to the corner.

Pros: Great meter gain, damaging DHCs, enough to give Nemesis a kill on full-hp lower health guys, Cold Star assist for X-23, Nemesis actually gets safe ground strings with assists.

Cons: Cannot deal with good zoners, period. Superjumpers mess me up something fierce. Ammy/Nem/X-23 as an alternate order would slightly fix this, slightly, but I have yet to work on the team in that order.

And the second team seems better, but it’s less practiced. Tasky gets to relaunch with Dorm and X-23 so that even his basic stuff does too much damage, Dormammu gets a horizontal beam and covers the superjumping matchup easily. Safe DHCs many ways to Dorm’s Cheeseball, and 4 meters equals a kill with X-23 (vert arrows or stalking flare, dirt nap, profit). Dark hole can set up some less costly unblockables too, and anyone on the team works as anchor, the first two working well as zoners. And don’t underestimate Task with just Dark Hole, he gets good pressure, and it has durability, and some people looking for birthdays can be hit by arrows hyper instead. Also, TAC. Yeah. And X-23’s low assist is useful at times as a low assist.

Pros: DAMAGE, good extension, Task gets good damage off of everything but ground throws and his unblockable move, easy Dorm crossups and unblockables, extension for Dorm with X-23’s otg off any advanced BnB, good DHCs, Any order syndrome

Cons: I guess Tasky is required to go in with this team layout, Dark Hole isn’t too great fullscreen. I’d say Trish lead fucks Task up, but switch to Dorm to counter that. She doesn’t like dorm very much :smiley:

Also, not too much cheap stuff. Dorm zoning doesn’t have easy mode assists like missiles, Task needs to be smart moving in, and X-23 doesn’t always get Drt Nap, and has to play as a normal character from time to time. Task can’t always do his unblockables, either, and can’t set up much afterwards, but if you want to play some cheap characters in a slightly less cheap way, this team is good.

Your exact X-23 Dorm team with those assists and order is exactly the team my brother played when he started learning this game. He’s still new, but I actually dropped my jaw at how good that team was when it was essentially a random choice. I’ve labbed that team a bit, and yeah, fun stuff. But I’m terrible at Wesker and plan never to learn him, so yeah. X-23/Dorm is a sinister combination, and some good team with those two would probly be. Oh, and Merkyll, do you get enough time to do the charges into Zak Bennet BnB (ya know, rage trigger, DHC to ball, one red, one blue, meteors down, catch them, chaotic flame)? I always come up just a bit short, and am wondering if it’s my timing and lack of experience with the team, or if it’s not possible/easy.

Time for some X-23 theory teams that I’ve labbed a teeny bit.

  1. What you said as your other team. I have recently discovered the beauty of Dorm/Bolts. X-23 likes it too, though I really like a neutral assist that also extends as well.

  2. X-23/Dorm/Ammy, or Dorm/X-23/Ammy. X-23 can either run CS or AS as an assist, and the team still seems solid. Dorm’s hp builds meter, and he loves ammy for fun rushing and extension, and X-23 can either be used for crossover counters or extending/situational unblockables with her low assist. In certain knockdown situations her otg assist and Dorm boxdashing with air.H would cover a lot of roll directions in the corner. Ammy gets anchor cred, X-23 gets Dirt Nap a lot, both assists can extend midscreen or corner for X-23. Possible problem, Dorm DHC to X-23 is turrible. Just awful.

  3. Firebrand/X-23/Dorm, team make them regret ever picking up this game. If anyone can get in with only dark hole, it’s firebrand. Unblockable setups for days setting up X-23’s unblockables, god help us all. And once firebrand dies, there’s an a dirt nap setup and two cheap XF characters waiting. Dorm/FB/X-23 also works, same with FB/Dorm/X-23 (Dorm gets unbelievable extension off of firebrand’s charge assist, and swoop really helps neutral game). Unfortunately, none of FB’s assists extend for X-23, so always keep her behind him and you’re good in most orders.

  4. Chris (Light Grenade assist)/X-23 (ankle slice or CS)/Rocket Raccoon, Team “Stop Laughing, We’re All Really Viable” Chris serves as a good counter to many top-tier leads, his grenades makes tri-dashers hold their shit. X-23 can actually extend off Chris’s grenade in the corner, and Log extends everywhere else. The grenade assist can also extend X-23’s air throws in the corner. Labbing it for 20 minutes this morning I got 650k around off an air throw, screw you top tiers. Chris gets monstrous extension off of Raccoon, and can even do well with X-23’s otg saving him a bounce, allowing slightly higher damage off of BnBs. Or, with CS crossover counter and Rocket’s log, Chris becomes a defensive force to be reckoned with, and log gives Chris and X-23 much needed air control. Rocket Anchor gives X-23 something safish to DHC to. I tried this team X-23/Chris/Rocket, but after labbing, the DHC is the most turrible thing ever, though everything else is pretty nice.

And I’m out of ideas. I like making theory teams and coming up with synergy, and I’m trying to think of the perfect third for a team with X-23/Shuma or X-23/Skrull, but I’m still thinking.


Unless I’m mistaken X-23 can get an extension out of Bolts. I remember seeing a Japanese player running X-23/Dorm/Strange and was able to OTG into them, then go straight into her jump loops. I don’t know if he had to backdash first, but I’m sure he pulled it off.

Nemesis/X-23/Ammy sounds like a lot of fun, even with the flaws. What Nemesis combos do you do? Can you get anything off of Cold Star with him?

I’m a big fan of the X-23/Shuma pairing. Mystic Ray is a phenomenal assist for her. It cuts off the sky, it lets her get in, it lets her run feint mixups, AND she can relaunch off of it. If Shuma were a better character we’d all be running them as team New Best Friends. The problem with Shuma is that he really benefits most from a good horizontal assist himself, so often you’ll end up with the redundancy of having both Mystic Ray and Plasma Beam or something. I don’t know though, maybe you could make Shuma work with Vajra or Hidden Missiles? He can get TOD combos by himself, so as long as you have a way to get him in there you should be good.

X-23 with Log Trap is very potent. For the first month of Ultimate I ran X-23 (Crescent)/Rocket Raccoon (Log Trap)/Amaterasu (Cold Star) and I had some good success for awhile. The main problem was that my Rocket got outzoned pretty hard by the more popular characters. Fighting Magneto, Trish, Hawkeye, or Dormammu with him felt impossible, and as those are all problem fights with X-23 as well it wasn’t a good look.

X-23 and Skrull are pretty together. In addition to having a perfect DHC, Tenderizer lets her relaunch and is arguably the best assist in the game for Dirt Nap lockdown. Just back them up with a way to get X-23 across the screen and a way to make Skrull’s Meteor Smashes safe (Any good Horizontal assist will work) and you’ve got a strong pairing. The big downside is Tenderizer won’t give you any lockdown for grounded opponents, so you’ll lose out on a lot of easy mixup opportunities.


Oh my god, then Nemesis/X-23/Strange might just work. I wanted to try that out for a while, because my Ammy is basically an assist character, and the other two pull the weight.

Nemesis combos, I usually do the basic crap, I like DR in the air into st. H and a bounce, pushes them closer to the corner from midscreen, then I otg with X-23 and go for a weird DR reset or extend with his knockdown moves. Cold Star reduces, so even though I found cool-looking combos, they don’t do as much damage. I have one setup for the corner DP+L reset that lets me use Ammy, so there’s more damage before the reset, and I can bring the setup to the corner from further away. Otherwise, Ammy’s there to help Nemesis get pressure and safe strings, not much more. The team was put together on day 1 with Hawkeye instead of Ammy, but I was a worse Hawkeye, so yeah, the team was mostly just picking who I liked, before I got serious about team selection. Still my mains, though.

Oh, and a fun perk, no one really knows how fun X-23 with clothesline rocket assist is. Try it out sometime, I love it.

She can relaunch off of it?! I was trying it in the lab this morning, and with or without a dashback, I otged, Shuma hit, and they flipped out right before my S or st. M connected. I actually really respect Shuma as a character, I think he does not deserve his current tier-list position. He wants a slow lockdown for his insane high-low game (air mystic smash overheads + jump cancellable cr. H = stop trying to block that). So, X-23/Shuma/Drones? Or I was thinking plasma beam actually might work. I think Missiles wouldn’t be bad, but I kinda dislike X-23 with missiles. Feels so slow for her, I guess.

Edit: Just labbed mystic ray with X-23. I get the relaunch when my combo is tiny, but not when my combo has a longer ground sequence.

Chris with Log can shut down a lot of those guys, though, which is why I think that Chris/X-23/RR has potential. And X-23 and Rocket near the end will get some serious expendable meter, they can do some random fun stuff with the Spring and/or Dirt Nap.

I am aware of that. I love Skrull and have kinda watched a lot of Skrull players, I know a lot of Skrull combos, though I don’t play him myself, doesn’t really fit on many of my teams, except Task/Dorm/X-23, but I’m not giving up X-23 anchor for him. I was thinking Skrull’s problem with X-23 would be a lack of ground lockdown, and no ability to beat projectiles and fullscreen zoners with X-23. So, I was thinking, in theory, the perfect compliment to X-23 and Skrull would be someone who likes the incoming lockdown of tenderizer, someone who has a neutral game friendly assist, which can extend for X-23, and he/she’s gotta be able to move around the screen pretty well assistless, even if they’re second or point…does psionic blaster extend combos for X-23? Doubt it, but that would be SO COOL if it did.

Edit: Wait a sec, how does X-23 get a relaunch off of Tenderizer when she’s out of the corner?

For the record, a ton of this is just theory and labbing. I don’t use enough characters fluently to be able to play many of these teams, I just know bnbs and like thinking of good team combinations.


On bolts, I don’t know about any reliable otg options but I’ll def. take a second look since that would be nice (if he’s going into jump loops that’s gotta be off a throw or an extremely short combo), but you can beam bounce with s+bolts, sj.HxxCS LxxTA L. They should hit the second bolt and the hitstun is long enough for an easy S relaunch.

I always hear rumors about some awesome synergy between MODOK and X23 but I haven’t spent enough time with the pairing to know anything amazing.

C.Viper and Firebrand can both get unblockables off of tenderizer and Skrull is such a good comeback character it’s silly. meteor smash, xf, command grab is too good.

Tenderizer is really strong for early combo resets and incoming lockdown but past that I never thought it was super amazing since it’s not a full blockstring.

On the Rage Trigger > Stalking flare charge follow-up. It is possible, you have to start charging after his first, “RUN!” and it’s a bit tight, but definitely match viable.

If I was running a team Zak Bennet + X23 I would probably do FB/Dorm/X23 since the dorm followup is so good. Then just derp around, throw a stalking flare and hard tag to get X23 in 2nd if you want to.


That does sound cool, but I’ll probably just stick with Ammy anchor, unless Strange can still retain enough hitstun to be a second relaunch. Also, I did manage to get it in lab once, a relaunch with bolts and ankle slide, that is. The timing has to be damn exact, and the ankle slice has to connect the hits really slowly, but it’ll go ankle slice, BOLTS, ankle slice continues, OF BALLSACK. And an S goes there next. But, I only got it twice, and don’t know exactly what I was doing there.

Well, the low otg sounds good for Modok’s happy feet unblockables and he can save his ground bounce for that ridiculous series he has after his solo relaunch combo, which often carries to corner, and X-23’s ankle slice likes the corner. But a lot can help Modok like that. And for X-23, I ran her with barrier assist in vanilla before I knew what I was doing. There’s a bit there, not much. And for balloon bomb, would it relaunch if called during an S? I really doubt it, but it’s worth looking into.

Good to know, though I don’t run that team, but I’ll inform my brother, who goes back to it on occasion.

That does sound like the better order for giving Firebrand damage. I just wanted to make a team composition with Dorm anchor. It just seems like on most teams he is better for team synergy second.


Here’s the Japanese player I mentioned getting extensions off of Bolts.

He actually has two methods that I saw him go for, the first was calling bolts before S, then doing a simple air loop to knock them down into Bolts for a relaunch. The OTG into airloop that I mentioned earlier was actually done off of an airthrow, so I don’t know if that’s the only way to do it or not. Both happen fairly early in the video though, and I haven’t watched it all so you might find some more tricks in there.


If Whirlwind wasn’t so slow, X-23/Storm/Dante would be good.

Ultimately, I think the best point X-23 teams involve X-23/xxx/Dante. Any assist/DHC that clears assists like Drones/Missiles is win-win. X-23/Doom/Dante, X-23/Mags/Dante, X-23/Ironman/Dante and so on. You need something to deal with those kinds of assists, otherwise you’ll run into trouble too easily. Extra benefits if your team has strong TAC options/an infinite.

The more I keep playing X-23, the more I feel she’s wicked, but she needs specific assists to make life easier for her.


Well, I just watched it all. He did the bolts extension on the S, he relaunched once with bolts off an air throw otg, AND it relaunches normally in level 1 XF, he popped that a lot to get the early kill. Kind-of unorthodox for any one of his three chars, to pop XF1 right off the bat, but it worked. He used a lot of X-23 crossups with mirage and flame carpet. Really cool team.

I don’t have much to clear drones/missiles, Cold star is only good once I’m already next to them, and I have serious trouble with guys like Hawkeye, so I was thinking trying another anchor (Nem/X-23/Ammy). My Ammy is good, gets touches of death in level 3, sword infinites and such, but my movement with her seems kinda divekicky. Who else would work for extending an X-23 combo and help me deal with zoners/dronesmissiles? And for the love of god, no one say Plasma Beam (I hateses the Doom). It would only sorta work, but I was thinking Vergil, but what else has good clout in a ranged war, and helps X-23 extend crap?


Certain assists like Repulsor Blast(Ironman) and Dark Hole(Dorm) can absorb projectiles like Drones and extend combos. But if they’re covering Drones correctly(Magneto and others are extremely good at this), you’re probably gonna get owned.

AFAIK, you can extend with certain beams like Ironman’s and as mentioned above, Strange’s(Strange’s one is slow though) but you’ll have to cut your combos shorter and you won’t get max damage. Ironman’s is probably the best. You could try X-23/Ironman/Ammy.


I know. Most of my problems would be solved by doing something like solved entirely by doing something like Taskmaster/X-23/Ammy, or X-23/Dorm/Vergil, but I kinda have a point to prove on the awesome synergy between Nem and X-23 (which is there like crazy, but I just think they don’t cover each others’ bad matchups well). My team synergy is is direct confrontation with my character loyalty. Nem/X-23/Doom would be great too, and yet for the same reason, I care not to learn Doom, I really dislike how the character…everything.

As for Iron Man, I’ve never played the guy before, so I’d be very lame with him at first, and it would be very odd running IM without Repulsor Blast.