Maine FGC: We're "wicked" good


Here’s my premiere article on The Adventurer’s Guild. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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You bash Aris pretty hard in that man lol,…but it looks well put together.


This upsets me to no end. ROM is one of my favorite players. Also if anyone wants to rep Southern ME for the 5v5 please get a hold of me. Only three spots left.


Me and dread want in on the 5v5, dusty.


the 5v5 for the northern maine vs. southern maine thing? Shit… which side would I count for? hahaha


If i’m ever able to afford Street Fighter x Tekken, I will be playing Akuma, Bryan


You would be southern,…


Just save your pennies and trade in some of the games you have but never play.


Lol my entire game library is all fighters that I still play, and older titles I like that would be worth 3 bucks…so ill just hold onto them. Ill figure out a way to pick it up. Prostitute if I gotta.


The soundtrack is pretty awesome.


The Round 2 version of this sounds so DDRish, it’s making me laugh.


Oh my god,…I just came to this ending…


Zombie Bison? Every character in this game has 2 costumes I believe. I have seen 2 different costumes for Akuma and Bison so far.


I figured you would. DIE 100,000,000 DEATHS!!!


I can get down with that.


Got the game but won’t be on till after 9pm. hope to see you guys online!


Still cant afford the game haha. Have no prayer of being able to afford it any time soon. :frowning:


You aren’t going to the fight night at Shaun’s place?


I am tommorrow night, not tonight.


OH fuck its tomorrow? I dont know if Ill be able to go. Thats me and my girls night together.