Maine FGC: We're "wicked" good


It’s tonight and tommorrow.I can’t go tonight, so i’m going tommorrow.


Shit I might have to bail on my girl. Im not going to NOT be part of the 5v5…


I don’t even know how that’s going to work. I haven’t heard any updates regarding the 5v5.


Id like to think id be a shoe in lol, that I wouldn’t have to prove my worth, I mean come on…Im dreadl0000rd…for real? :wink:


I went home on my lunch break, hit a 10 win streak in Marvel and went back to work ha ha.


wait are people playing for a spot in the 5v5?


There was a blurb about it on the fb Fight ME group but i have no idea what’s actually going on.


Dustin has 3 spots left over for the 5v5 up in Bangor on the 20th of April, and he needs to fill them.


OOOOHHHH I want to see this 5v5. Sounds pretty hype! Whose repping northern Maine?


We don’t know, but they don’t know who we’re repping, so it’s only fair.


SfxT is sooooooo good oh my gosh


And what time does this fight night start tonight.


Be there at around 6 or so. I’ll text you to let you know.


Sounds good


i’m working late for an undetermined amount of time tonight but i’ll head over as soon as i can.


Sanford crew is going to be there before me.


I’m gonna rip through my homework and go


Sup Maine. Come throw down in this tournament.
Spring Super Showdown!!! SFxT, SSF4:AE, KOF XIII, UMvC3, SCV, MK + MORE!



Todays the day, I shall get my SFxT. See you fools online…


FUCK YEAR! We’ll have to get some team synergy going during our practice sessions.