Maine FGC: We're "wicked" good


Sorry, but we have a HUGE tourney to go to the day before yours. Some of us may be able to show up, but not all of us. Thanks for the heads up anyway!


I think if 2v2 became like the tournament standard,…me and Josh would just wreck house. I don’t know anyone who knows my play style better than him and vice versa. Our matches are deadlocks,…no progress being made since 2009 lol.


Him and Charlie became bffl last night when it came to SFxT.


I dont think 2v2 will ever become a standard


So I’ve chosen the players to play for the 5v5 for SF4 on 4/20

Josh (Mox)
And myself.

And if there is 5v5 for 3rd strike it’s going to be the same thing. But we’ll be replacing Charlie with Robbie. SFxT players will be picked on a later date when we have more time with the game.


Which tournament is on the 20th Dustin. I get SFxT tonight so now I can put in some time with that shit, finally. Oh and are you related to Mitch Rivard?


So I was playing Street Fighter x Tekken last night and I literally went straight to character trials, banged on those for 5 hours then brought it to training mode for another hour or so. I decided to try 1 ranked battle before I went to bed. My opponent was 2 kids on the same team. This mean they were in a XBL party? cause the same system crap doesn’t work from what I ready. What about recovering your gamer tag on a friends xbox, would that work? That’s how me and Josh had to team up in MK9 on the same system.


they weren’t on the same box, that doesn’t work, but you can invite someone to be your teammate in the xbl menu and then run ranked


Ah ok, makes sense.


My review of Street Fighter X Tekken!


Found this video of DRS n00btron playing against Alex Valle, thought it was pretty cool.



Why is it that when a new game comes out, everyone immediately goes for the early top-tier characters, and never explores the others? This is how new tech is discovered, people!


My current team is Akuma / Yoshimitsu,…id say im pretty much riding the low tier train.


Yoshi nice

fuck a tier list and who cares. I don’t really mind when I see people playing good characters but for some reason I’m averted to actually using them most of the time. I mean I was looking at Heihachi ever since his video came out and when Killian said he thought he was in the top tier I almost said eff it.

He’s a lot of fun though so eff that.


I ran some sets last night for the first time with my buddy,…Vega is so fucking OP its retarded. So fast, amazing pokes, huge combos. Now lets talk about Akuma,…whats he got like 400 health?..


Just about lol. Akuma’s biggest strengths are his damage and utility. He works well as both a battery and an anchor.

Hugo is a fucking animal.


Team dreadl0000rd:


Hey what’s up guys? Just wanted to stop through and post up the info for the 2012 EVO Midwest Championships (MWC). That’s right, we are an EVO qualifier this year, and are looking to make this the biggest MWC yet!

This year’s MWC will be held in Nashville, TN. Specifically at the South’s premier arcade, Game Galaxy, which is owned and operated by OG tournament player and veteran game collector Jason “DreamTR” Wilson!

All of the info on location, fees, and scheduling, is contained in the tournament thread, so I won’t make this post overcrowded by including it all here:

SRK Tournament thread -

Be sure to RSVP at the Facebook event page -

Also, follow Dream, Game Galaxy, and your Main Tournament staff on Twitter:
Jason “DreamTR” Wilson - Twitter @DreamTR
Richard “SlowJamzMixTape” Smith - Twitter @dbxbeat
Chris “Negro Justice” Brown - Twitter @NegroJustice
Brandon “GoldenOreos” Brocius - @CMK_GoldenOreos
Jonathan “Milln” Conaway - Twitter @DPOnWakeup

One additional note - there are some upcoming TN events in which you will have the opportunity to secure favorable seeding for MWC:

The first is our “Games for Autism Speaks” event that is being held jointly with the Tennessee Chapter of The Modified Dolls. It will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2012, starting at 12pm. Facebook event page here - Follow TN Dolls on twitter - @TNdolls

The second is an event being organized by our good friend, OG Marvel 2 player, and the hypest commentator in the South, Jose “DGAGodlikeRushdown” Santiago! A lot of you saw and heard him do his thing at Final Round XV! You haven’t seen anything till you come kick it with us in TN! “Memphis Bawse Battles” will take place on May 26th in Memphis, TN. Follow Jose on twitter - @DGAGdlkRushdown; and Facebook - to stay current on his events!

The TOP FIVE placers at these events will get byes or double byes (depending on turnout) in their respective games at MWC. So, doing well here gets you one step closer to those sought after EVO points!

Finally guys, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE to contact the tournament staff, the arcade, post in the tournament or TN thread, send us smoke signals, carrier pigeons, etc for ANY questions you have. We are here to help and want to make this event huge as it’s the last qualifier before EVO.

Thanks guys!


Trying to find a ride up to this Bangor tournament.