Maine FGC: We're "wicked" good


Ask that Nate Brown kid in Fight ME. I heard he was giving rides up there. I dunno if I’m going up this Friday since work never likes to tell when I’m working or not till the last minute. If I’m not, I’ll give you a call.


Word let me know, I got a few options. Hopin to borrow my dads whip and take that up there.


Yo Dread, teach me how to Kuma!!! I love that fucking bear.


Haha yeah Kuma is tight, but i’m having an extremely hard time using his command throws in an actual match.
I prefer to break dance and put them in the corner, then do my magic there.


I’ll be driving up to Bangor using my jeep on Friday. Lots of room, if anyone needs a ride, just going to request you throw me some gas money. 150 mile trip is not cheap.


I’ll throw you some money, no problem.


Anyone interested in a pre Bangor fight night? Anyone is welcome to come to my place, will be starting right around 8pm. Got 2 setups going.


Good stuff from everyone last night! I had tons of fun.


Steve is a fucking beast. +25 on crouching counter-hit? I’ll take it!


Did some research this weekend, i’m able to pull about 420 max with Heiachi. Still sad compared to Steve’s potential but not to shabby, and hes got some great directional normal’s that make up for it. Akuma i’m pulling about 390-400 meterless, still digging.


800+ Damage anyone?



400 damage meterless is very good. I can only get above that with Steve under special conditions. With Law I can get anywhere between 340~407 off of bread n’ butters.


Hugo’s BnB is 511 anywhere, no meter or tag. I’m not sure if he can do more, i’m looking.




Can suck a dick…


Agreed, You’ll have to put Jack X in there once he releases…too much damage lol. Still not sure what I think about the game as a whole, but its a lot of fun for sure. On a more serious note, I need to know when you guys have fight nights, The well is dry in NH, so I need to get games in semi regularly. Fridays for GU don’t always fall in line with my schedule despite the shorter drive. If anything pops off on the weekend let a brotha know:razzy: .


I will host a fight night at my place this weekend if anyone wants in on Saturday. We can start early. The last fight night I held at my place went really well, like a turn out of 9. Let me know.



Sick logo, bro. Newblood, you should get yo azz up here if at all possible. The drive shouldn’t be very long, and Dread’s apartment is pretty damn hype. We may stream as well if Dustin can figure out his setup.


nice! good to know there is a place to meet like minded players that’s offline. how long do the sessions last?