Maine FGC: We're "wicked" good


I would of messed around more to get the stream going, but I don’t like to mess around on other people’s computers.


Starts at 12:00pm will go as late as anyone wants to stay.


I can understand that. Are you going to try again on Saturday?


I got april 20th off so i’m good to go.


Cool, how about this weekend. You coming?


Yeah, probably. It may not be right at noon and might not be all day though.


man i so wanna swing down, i hope you guys keep this alive, and regular. my sat, are ruff but i’m just hoping that one of these days it opens up and i can make it down.


We’re always having fight nights and such, 028, so keep an eye on this thread. Also check out the facebook group ‘Fight ME’.


glad to hear that i’ll def be watching this thread, as for the fb group, i did a search and it turned up quite a few “fight me” pages. any chances you can hit me up with a link? no worries either way, i have this thread on watch and it’s prob all i need. any one here in the berwick, kittery area?


Here ya go.

Still deciding either to go to the fight night or head to MA for one of those two tournaments that’s happening.


Good stuff to everyone that showed up at Dread’s place!



I’m stealing this .gif, if you don’t mind.


Get yourselves ready.

This is going to be a huge turnout. I want all of southern Maine to go to this. Not just me and Charlie.


I may actually be able to go to this. I’ll let you guys know later.


man i wanna see this, gonna find a way to make it down somehow damn it.


Ill be going to that, fuck it why not.


We Brazzers now


Really. I still feel really good when it comes to SFxT too. I’m hoping to win some of that money.


Yeah I got nothing else to do. Im mainly practicing for CEO. Plane tickets and everything ready to go. Watch for me in grand finals :wink: