Maine FGC: We're "wicked" good


Whats everybody playing on this thread? I’m still into UMvC3, SFxT and SC5 I’m getting into Skull Girls alot also. Add my PSN for a match. Any good tourneys coming up in Maine in the next couple of months?


Unfortunately pretty much everyone in Maine is on XBL. There is a tournament this week in Bangor, about a 3 hour drive from the NH border.


Where is the tourney? I live about an hour from there. I noticed that the majority has went for XBL but I still hope for more psn users.



Did not know that there was a scene around Maine. Good to see…


hit me up, i’m on both, psn and xbl, the tag is zeroTWOeight, but keep in mind i’m no pro, i just love the game and am willing to put in the time to up my game. just be sure to say your from srk so i know to add you and not just ignore you.


hey new here to maine… in a small town called machias. i believe its a hour and a half east of bangor any places around here to get any games of 3s NOT online?

everdred3s on xbl for 3soe


Sounds good i will add you the next time i get to my console again.


nice i got the invite, lets setup some games, i have sf3,sf4, as well scv. whens a good day for you? i would just hit you up randomly on psn, but it seems nowadays i spend more time on my xbox.


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Sign up! We got arcade 24/7, Salty Suite, Sp00ky, EC’s best players, EVO points, and sweet trophy swords!


My place = ) I live in Biddo


friday nights or sundays are best i work days and spend most evening with the wife and kid but i try to fit in game time whenever possible.


Hey guys.
I’m moving to Maine from Ireland (I’ll be living around Bangor) and I’m wondering for info about the community. Already found the facebook page, but I’m wondering about meetups and stuff. Anyone around UMO? Are there things like Winner Stays On? Weekly meetups, tournaments, anything. I’d appreciate anything you can give me.


cool man i’m in the same boat, it’s ruff but late nights are better. i’ll try to hop on on sunday sometime and message you, hopefully we can lock down a time to run a few sets.


Check these guys out. They’re all based in or around the Bangor area.


Thanks, man.


Damn the facebook group. Now no one ever post here. I had to migrate to the MA threads.


Trust me I hate having to talk through face book, I’m still on here every day.


srk should have a mobile app


Yo, good shit to everyone that showed up at Dread’s place last night! I’ve got some work to do, apparently…