Maine FGC: We're "wicked" good


I have an ingrown fingernail that makes it super painful to use a stick :frowning:


Cut that shit off, put a bandage on it and get back to it damnit!!! YOU CALL YOUR SELF COMMITED!!! YOU PLAY THROUGH THAT PAIN!!! :rock:


Hey guys I’m going to be in Maine this Sunday-Tuesday (may 13th-15th). Are you guys going to have any gatherings during this time? I would like to play against Maine’s finest!


My work hours should be normalizing soon so I should be able to get back into this shit. I’m not gone!


where is biddo?


If I would of saw this earlier I would of offer ya to play with me and J5 in Sanford. :<

ANYWAY, anyone hosting a fight night tomorrow. Dying to get some sets in before heading to Fall River this weekend.


Anybody looking to play Persona 4 Arena competitively or is just curious about the game, check out the New England thread on Mayonaka Midnight.


Im lookin for some matches to test my Juri in SFxT anyone up for it? I’m on PSN.


Wicked as in haunted because of Stephen King?


My goal for this week: Get my Balrog to 3000BP.


I’m just trying to not get my ass handed to me on SfxT. Had a win streak goin this morning then got knocked down a rank. Blah…


Getting VF5:FS later today. Can’t Wait!


Gonna pass of VF5 for now. I got lots of stuff I have to pay off. I’m also taking a break from tournaments until Summer Jam. Can’t wait to head back down to Philly.


im going to be in Maine from July 5th untill July 16th in the Boothbay harbor region. Looking for people to play AE + 3s with + trying to get information on if there is any tournaments


EVO in one week! GET HYPE!!


Hey… anyone here play BB CSE on PSN?


Most of us play on Live. I might be picking up P4 Arena for the PS3. Also Ryan is planning a tournament for August 12th in Portland!


Maine tournament, check it…


[LEFT][SIZE=17px][SIZE=5]Comfort Inn & Suites[/SIZE][/SIZE][/LEFT]
10 Hotel Dr.,Dover,NH,US,03820 Been a while gents. We will be here for another Fighter’s Den on August 10-11. It was great having you guys the last time around a few months back so feel free to come by. Says its very close to the Kittery outlets, but not claiming to know how close that is to all of you:D.


Sorry man, I’m just seeing this. I haven’t looked at this thread in a while.