Maine's First SSF4 tournament

Our newly renovated gaming store is having a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament on April 28th in celebration of the game’s release. Details are as follows:

Games Unlimited
499 Hammond St.
Bangor, ME
(207) - 941 - 1944

April 28th @ 6pm

1st place: XBox 360 Elite w/ copy of SSF4
2nd place: TE Fightstick
3rd place: Copy of SSF4 & GameStop Gift Card


Best 2 out of 3 rounds
Best 2 out of 3 matches
Double elimination

Store Facebook:!/group.php?gid=62832073757&ref=ts

Event Flyer:

Contact e-mail:

Its gotta be a Wednesday?

Are these prizes for real? i’m down to make the trip up.

im very much down for this as well, but how is the scene up there in maine?

how many people do you think are coming out for this?

Well Tom and CP , as you guys remember, you use to come to Holodek and the turnout wasnt huge and thats pretty close to the NH border. This is roughly 3 hours from where the last tourneys were, including the pats pizza one. Maine isnt big and I know most of the SF players in Maine. I hope the turnout is great and I hope I can make it but I couldnt honestly say id expect it to be huge. This places prizes are off the chain though I will say that.

Weird it’s on a wednesday at 6, but we’re willing to make a trip. But I don’t want to go up, have 4 entrants then have the tournament organizers call the tourney off after we drove 3 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I dunno man haha, You know us in Maine, theres not alot of SF players. Thats a long truck to have to make lol I honestly dont see my self being able to make this simply cause its in the middle of a weekday. I live in Maine and its 2 and half hours for me :annoy:

The reason it’s Wednesday is the local SF4 community has a SF4 night every Wednesday night. On top of the fact it is the day after the release, we figured it’d be a cool day to have it on. We do have a contact with GameStop, so if this tournament goes well, we can schedule similar events with similar prize support. As far as what turn out we’ll get, to be fair, I’m not sure. We had a Magic Pre-release last week where I was expecting 30 people. We got 72.

hmmm, see i doubt the magic players will be coming out to this but how big is the SF scene that meets on Wednesdays?

Yeah thats quite the haul, although all the prizes are great, hmmmmm if i didnt have to go away this weekend and spend alot of money and such i would def be there though!

That’s a long drive. I’d rather go to a tourney not far from where I live. But the prizes look great though!