Maining Akuma

At the moment I have no main but I am above scrub level with more than half of the characters.
With that said I have been playing with Akuma for over a week now and I would like to learn his more advanced strategy/options/gimmicks. I have been looking on the forums mostly in the matchup section to help me take Akuma to the next level but nothing I do has stepped up my game really so I decided to make this thread to put my gamertag out there and hope a high level akuma player would run some games with me and throw out some tips.
Please anyone who would like to give me some advice send me a friend request or post your GT.


sigh… Why dude?.. Did this really need a new thread? Why didn’t you just post your GT or PSN name or whatever in the Akuma Phone Book? I just… sigh

You gotta understand Smurf, the Akuma forums have been punched by Stupidity Incarnate lately. It’s nothing personal. Go post this in the Akuma Phonebook thread so this one can die in peace.

To op’s credit the phone book thread is populated by old posts and people who probably don’t even play.

Self-appointed sheriffs.

It’s also silly to think coming to akuma forums to beef up your akuma is done via mirror match.

lol mirror matches