maining as Vega



you know for the longest time Vega has always been my favorite SF character, but I never got a hang with him. so naturally I switch to being a Ryu player and for awhile it was decent in both SF and SFXT. However recently I wasn’t happy with Ryu and its not because I was losing (actually majority of time with Ryu was loses.) So last week i turned my attention to Vega and decided to drop Ryu as my main and replaced him with Vega. I was expecting to suck through out the week but I was completely wrong.

I am always having fun with Vega rather im winning or losing. In fact I have ranked up thanks to that dude and it felt so great to actually be… alright with a character. I remember when I was still ranked D (currently ranked C) I faced a C ranked Ibuki and a B ranked Akuma and I manage to beat them both. I know rank doesn’t matter now but it still feel so good to beat them you know what that I was happy to be a Vega player. of course I got my ass handed to me but I was expecting it and it still fun and I can now read Ibuki like a book when I couldn’t when I was with Ryu. Im so glade that I switched to Vega!

Although I do have some major problems with Vega, such as getting stuck to a corner, having SL combos being done, doing ultras normally or under pressure, and how to defend against short jump in’s. if anyone could help me to understand alittle about all that please tell me the best option you can think of. Besides those problems though I pretty much got Vega down on the footies game and what not.


ooo and I don’t know how to use rolling crystal right. tip for that can be useful as well.


Look at the guides by Jozhear, Emerson, Francys pai, and ww3. Also check out triasnts YouTube channel and vesperarcade for general ssf4 knowledge. If you apply these you’ll progress a lot faster than I did because I took way too long to look for help online.


Also you can check out bleeding edge for some great combos. I’m also having a hard time with the RCF and it usually comes out as a FBA so don’t feel too bad.


Lol just a lil late