Maining Cammy on the PC, need tips from superior players

Some data:

I play the PC version, with a PS2 dual-shock + adaptor. Square and triangle are LP and MP, X and O are LK and MK, left shoulder buttons are throw and FA, right shoulders are HP and HK.
I have had the game since my birthday November last year. Got 59:25 hrs play time, 807 BP and 874 max BP, 545 fights, 108 wins, 19.81% win rate and a win streak of 3.

I shame the name of Cammy with my poor skills. I main Cammy all the time, and I’m seeking to up my game and I’m looking for advice. I’m still in the “mastering controls” stage. I always use the dpad on the controller (the stick is too imprecise to do dashes consistently). I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can do hooligans 90% of the time, although occasionally I’ll go through a phase of forgetting how to execute. I’m also rather lamely having to look at the controller sometimes to make sure my fingers are in the right position. I assume it’s possible to master the pad. I don’t really know any combos yet although it’s fairly often I pull some off by sheer accident.

Here are some random questions… some of these may not be Cammy-exclusive questions, I’m not sure:

  1. Executing ultra by accident. I have a tendancy to button-mash to make sure my attack registers while in an animation, but if I’m trying to perform a spiral arrow or cannon spike oftentimes I pull off the ultra instead at an untimely moment. I need to get a feel for when the game will “remember” my button presses, and when it won’t (for instance, at the start of the fight before “FIGHT” appears, I can queue my first attack–but how early can I start queueing when I’m falling from the air or such?).
  2. Executing cannon spike by accident. When I mean to do spiral arrow but was moving forward previously. I’m guessing there’s no way to avoid this except to just stand there for a second until the game “forgets” your forward button-press.
  3. Fireballs are my bane. Once my opponent starts spamming fireballs I start to lose my edge. What I want to know is when spiral arrow can go under the fireballs? Sometimes she slides right under it, othertimes she goes straight into it.
  4. Does the backward-throw (that the right name for it?) serve any purpose that the regular throw does not? I.e. is doing a frankensteiner more appropriate than attempting a suplex in some contexts?

If anyone has some general advice they could pitch in as well I’d be appreciative.

I’m no superior player, but maybe I can help answer some of these qs. :slight_smile:

  1. Mash less. The game’s buffering and reversal windows are humongous, and honestly if you just keep playing you’ll get a feel for when you can input moves. Once your inputs are less imprecise, you can start getting a more accurate idea of when those windows end and begin - it’s kinda hard to understand the timing when you’re mashing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I can’t really give much more specific advice on that, since I’m a stick player. shrug

  1. This is a common problem… I think every Cammy main has had many moments where they curse at the screen as she flies across in an untimely Cannon Spike, lol. Lots of players get around it by executing a half-circle forward instead of just a quarter circle for their Spiral Arrows (very useful for doing SAs out of walking forward). Also, on repeated QCFs (such as for Ultras), try to exaggerate the motion a little and end your last input on up-forward. Chances are you’re landing on down-forward when trying a fast, tight QCF, thus getting a Spike.

  2. You’re in luck, because Cammy has a lot of great tools for getting around fireballs.

Take her dive kick - you can jump forward and then Cannon Strike right as the projectile passes under her. It’ll get you to the ground quicker and you’re not nearly as vulnerable as characters with no moves to change the trajectory of their jumps. So use FA absorb-dash forward, neutral jump, and forward jump to C. Strike to make your way past a fireball barrage from long range.

EX Hooligan can also get you over a fireball from long range, but if you do it late, the opponent may recover in time to crouch/DP the grab.

Once you’re in mid/close range, you can score knockdowns and some decent damage should you predict projectiles.

Regular Spiral Arrow doesn’t go under any projectiles except for Sagat’s high Tiger Shot. EX Spiral Arrow, on the other hand, will go under any projectile. So yes, this is meter dependent, but Cammy builds meter like whoa so you should be good most of the time.

LP Hooligan can get over fireballs if you time it correctly and pass over the projectile at the peak of the arc. Same caveat as EX Hooligan though - if you do it too late, you may eat a crouching anti-air normal or DP.

And if your reactions are good, you can use Ultra to go under fireballs. It only has invincibility frames at the very beginning of its startup however, so you have to do it a) when the fireball is right in your face and b) not too far from the opponent.

  1. Cammy’s back throw (and Hooligan throw) leaves her in a better position than her front throw. For example, it puts you at the perfect distance to jump forward over the opponent and set up Cannon Strike mixups (you can cross up or fake cross up depending on what strength of dive kick you choose) or safe jump in. The only time I’d opt for a forward throw is to keep the opponent in the corner, but midscreen it’s all about the back throw.

Cheers. I’m a PC player too, feel free to add me on GFWL and maybe we can get some games in. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m not professional Cammy player and a lot of this is a repeat of what ExMachina said, but I can definitely give some help with your questions.

  1. If you’re pulling off an ultra by accident, that means you’re pretty much just slamming every button in existence. If you don’t have the 3K key mapped out, all I can say is just take your time with your moves. If you have the 3K key mapped out, just never use it until you know that that’s when you want to use your ultra.

You aren’t really getting a feel for the game if you’re constantly mashing-- there should be some reason behind doing nearly all your moves… Not to say all mashing is bad and thoughtless. When you’re playing an opponent who constantly drops his combos without blocking in AA range, I do mash CS out to get free damage.

  1. I remember when I first picked this game up I was getting really pissed by executing cannon spike by accident. It still happens time to time, but it’s very controlled. Like exMachina said, there is a lot of buffering time, so when I’m walking forward and I want to do a Cannon Drill, sometimes because of the buffering I’ll do a Spike instead. Like exMachina said again, doing a 180 circle for a Cannon Drill will counter that.

If you’re mashing out wakeup Cannon Spike, that’s a different story.

  1. For Fireballs, you have a few things to do. Overall though, keep your cool and don’t press random buttons.
    If you can predict when he’s going to throw another fireball out, you can (depending on range):
    -EX Hooligan

If the fireball already came out and you’re wondering what to do, you can do these things, granted you’re at safe range:
-Jump Neutral/Forward
-Focus Attack
-Jump Forward and Cannon Strike your way down to avoid jumping too far into a danger zone.
-EX Cannon Drill, which goes through any fireball.

  1. I use her backthrow mainly for when I want to switch sides with the opponent (like trapping in a corner), but it does provide a good distance to start pounding on the opponent again (much like her front throw).

Overall, the best way to learn from this game is to keep your cool and to just generally learn from your character-- not by mashing but by having good reasons behind your course of action.

Hopefully this was helpful.

Don’t forget you can FA absorb fireballs. I often absorb two of them, then neutral jump over another to regain health. If your opponent is spamming hadokens like there’s no tomorrow, you can build your ultra this way, and then surprise him with SBF.

I play the the PC version too, but I use keyboard. If you want to add me and play (if connection allows) my GFWL is Yamian.

I play on PC as well, but I main Chun-Li and my Cammy kind of sucks because I decided I needed to really improve my game with Chun instead of being crappy with Chun and Cammy. My GfWL handle is Amokokins, feel free to add me and we can get some matches in (if the connection allows it).

One thing that wasn’t mentioned yet with regards to performing the wrong move is the training room. Go into the training room, turn input display on under training options, and just practice your moves. If you consistantly do one move instead of another, look at the inputs that the game reads to see what you did wrong. I actually need to do this more myself to get my Cammy game up. Since I main a charge character, I have real trouble with Z motions for cannon spike so I plan on hitting the training room some time soon and just spending a few hours to get my execution cleaned up on that.

Another thing I thought I’d mention: you say you’re using a PS2 pad with an adapter. If this works for you, that’s great, but it may be that some of your trouble is coming from your choice of input method. If you have the cash, I would strongly recommend getting either the MadCatz SF4 FightPad (Cammy edition!!1one) or their Tournament Edition FightStick for XBOX 360. XBOX 360 controllers are plug & play on the PC and the game automatically detects them when you fire it up. I own both of these (I was lucky enough to cop one of the limited femme fatale sticks because it had both Chun and Cammy on it :smiley: ) The pad is probably going to be easiest for you to pick up and run with, and it works very well for all matter of circle motions. The stick takes a little longer to get used to, but your inputs will be much cleaner once you learn how to play with it and you’ll have fewer problems with the wrong move coming out. If you can afford it, I can recommend either (or both) of these as a worthwhile investment to improve your game.

I do not recommend the SF4 FightPad at all-- that piece of shit broke pretty easily for me just casually playing with it, and I heard a lot of similar stories with the Round 1 + 2 ones.

Tournament Edition 360 stick, I can definitely get behind that.

Yeah the fightpad can be weird on some of diagonals. Madcatz pad with nothing but madcatz parts…enough said. The TE stick is different because the only thing madcatz gets to do is ship it with their brand on it, the parts are all sanwa.

I’ve heard some mixed opinions about the pad. The most common complaint I heard was that the PS3 wireless receiver stopped working, which obviously isn’t an issue with the wired 360 pad. All I can say is I’ve never had any problems with mine, but it is a real MadCatz product (unlike the TE stick which uses Sanwa parts), and MadCatz’s reputation for cheapness didn’t just come from nowhere. I do consider the pad a worthwhile investment if you’re on a budget or want something halfway decent to tide you over until you can save up for a TE stick. Just be aware that you get what you pay for.

Thanks for all the replies. Need to get in the training room to fix my spiral arrow execution. I still have only a mere intuitive sense of when to use the right move at the right time, I can’t imagine trying to remember it all consciously because it’s just so much dry data. Some things, like the strategies for fireballs I already kinda knew, it’s just that my execution is weak. Also I’ve started mixing up SBF into my strategy and it catches them quite a lot–maybe that’s just because my opponents suck or they don’t expect me to use it. I’m not sure why people don’t like this move. I have to use the right timing and distance for it. I won’t be investing in a new controller; frankly it’s a matter of pride for me that I figure out how to achieve perfect execution on a pad, if it can be done. Plus I don’t want to be fleeced out of a lot of money for a mere controller.

Few more q:
I’m useless in aerial combat; my opponent nearly always hits/throws me before I them. I’m wondering if this is due to the way I’m doing it (who jumped first, when you pressed the attack)?
Bison’s head stomp (sorry, don’t know the correct terminology, my familiarity with the other characters is weak at best) I have trouble guarding against; sometimes I block it, othertimes I fail to block it even though I seemed to be facing the same direction and was blocking. I also don’t manage to cannon spike in time. I guess this isn’t a question, I’m just naming the things that catch me off-guard, and see if anyone wants to comment. I have a lot of trouble with Honda and his headbutts; I read that spiral arrow is good against them but I seem to recall they trade hits, which is no good. Vega also catches me with his aerial tactics. I think sooner or later I’ll find myself in the training room with these characters so I can know my opponent.

Another prob I have is when backed into a corner. Cannon spiking often doesn’t work, they block and then punish.

^ For Bison’s head stomp, if you see it happening, just do Cannon Spike. It’ll hit. Or if you don’t want to do that, you can just … dash back, or walk back or forward, and throw (or punish with appropriate combo). You have to block it High, (Like you’re standing up and blocking and not crouching.) You could jump and try to air throw, but apparently someone said that the timing on this is strict and I do not recommend this.

If Bison HeadStomps - either Cannon Spike or walk back or block.

When you face better bison players, just know that LK scissor kicks is safe on block.

Honda … I have no idea. Just haven’t faced a good one and if I do, I usually lose. You could try to learn cross up J.Light Kick into, c.lp, c,lk xx heavy spiral arrow. and Use of Cannon Strikes. (But honda is just hard… :/)
You can punish some versions of his headbut with spiral arrow. I just forget which ones.

Vega - if he jumps, you could Neutral Jump HK, or the like. Hooligan throw him out of the air, Air throw and such. You can also hit him with Cannon Spike. When he does his wall dive, you have to block high, and also guess which direction to block in. If you do get it right, I think you can only punish with Spiral Arrow. … When you do walk up to him, be aware of his tricks. He has that flip kick to hit you (if you think he’s going to attack, just block), or the flips to run away (you cant hit him while hes in this state, so you can either … I havent tried this Ultra (?) does that work? but you can for sure follow him by walking and then throwing, or punishing with your usual combos). So just beware of those.

If you’re useless in Aerial combat… eh… Cammy’s Airthrow loses to pretty much everyone else. So don’t use it unless its on a character that doesn’t have air throw or you just predict really well. (Characters that have air throw include, Guile, Chun Li, Vega, El Fuerte… probably more but I can’t think of them right now.) Basically, when you jump, you should already immediately press that HK button if you want to win. Or you can always choose something like Light Kick so that it comes out faster and beat the other person’s hit.

Also, you don’t have to jump at them always… you can always let them jump at you. And then you Cannon Spike. Cammy’s Cannon Spike is godly… (until you get crossed up) but it is pretty cool. It has a pretty huge horizontal range.

Also, if you do use SBF, use it sparringly … You can get ultra’ed from people like Sagat… or by almost everyone. Usually, you’ll just eat a Dragon Punch if you do it poorly…

For fireballs, learn a specific range where you can punish on reaction.

Jumping Hk, crouch mk xx heavy spiral arrow is something you should know by heart.

or rather, crouching mk xx heavy spiral arrow if anything. You need to perfect it.

For getting out of corners, you yourself don’t have to get out Cannon Spike. Just wait. If your opponent is sitting there blocking and hoping that you do Cannon Spike, you can walk up and throw. If your opponent is doing something meaty, like a focus attack (if they are still new) you can do ultra. If they do focus attack and backdash, you now have space to walk. If your opponent is going for an overhead, ONLY then is it ok to throw out Cannon spike or the like.

Basically, be patient. They fear the Cannon Spike… and if they do, just throw. And then, walk up and throw again. And suddenly, you’re out of the corner.

Anyhow, once you’re real good with Cammy, you get people in the corner and bring out fear :).

TKCS,,c.lp, xx heavy spiral arrow.
Crouch Heavy Punch, crouch middle kick, xx heavy spiral arrow on their Quickstand.
Jump, Meaty Cannon Strike crossup on their wakeup, comboing into,c.lp, xx heavy spiral arrow.

If all these connect, hello stun. Then you can do a reset (which I haven’t quite mastered)

Focus Attack, Wait a bit until they start falling, Do Tk Cannon strike, dash under, and finish with a heavy damage combo of your choice - HP xx Cannon Spike, or C.HP, xx heavy spiral arrow,

or after the focus crumple, wait a bit and then do xx hooligan.

Just keep going at Cammy!

if u are in the corner , neutral jump EX cstrike . they dont expect that usually

  1. What’s an overhead?

  2. “just waiting” sometimes results in them throwing me. I can’t predict whether they’ll start hitting me or try to throw and I can’t guard against both…

Overhead is a blow that breaches “down back” (you must block it standing, not crouching), like Guile’s f + mp.

For number one, like Yamian said overheads are attacks that hits crouching opponents regardless of block.

For number two, it’s a risk-- if there were people who knew exactly what the other person was going to do at all times, then the game would probably not have as much appeal. There are people with really good reactions and people who can predict playing styles, but nobody knows 100% what the other person is going to do, otherwise Justin Wong would double perfect everyone he played against.

The most I can offer to advise is to really get used to the different options you’ve got and get used to teching throws. Mix it up when you’re in the corner. Cannon Spike, EX Backhand, Jump Vertical, Jump Sideways, Throw, Focus, Block and more.

If you’re unsure of something and they’re walking up to you, you can always do

downback (if P1 side) or downforward (if P2 side) + light punch and light kick at the same time. So you’re crouch blocking and pressing the buttons for throw.

(Option Select)

one of these will happen

  1. If they try to throw, it’ll tech.
  2. If not, a crouch light kick will come out
  3. Or, you’ll block their attack.

it wont always work because they can jump attack and mess up these three options, but generally, it’ll work.

And if they do jump in, just do Cannon Spike…

Watch out for cross-ups with jump-ins though. You gotta CS at the right time (if it’s even possible) or at least block in the right direction, and get ready for what’ll probably be light attacks with a throw afterwards.

Also, be sure to use Cammy’s crouching light punch. It comes out really fast and is effective. My favorite combo is c.lp, c.lp, xx heavy spiral arrow. Theres a reason why some people nickname SF4 as Jab Fighter 4. Jabs are truely effective.


I know its daunting at how much Arcade Sticks cost, but if you really want to dedicate yourself to being a better SF4 player, you might consider an arcade stick


these are THE best.

if you’re not that willing you could also get these

or (which apparently works out of the box with xbox AND PS3, and PC)

Its just that they aren’t as good as the MadCatz TE edition.

(I put xbox 360 since I know for sure they’ll work with 99.99% of all PCs after you install the drivers. PS3 version has some issues with certain motherboards and stuff.)

But then again, if you’ve only played 60 hours since November, I don’t really know if you really want to dedicate a lot of time to it. You should see if you can play someone offline, and if he (… any females that play SF4? … I only saw like one… out of like hundreds) is better, you’re basically forced to get better if you dont want to keep losing.

So in short, while possible to use the ps2 pad skillfully, you could consider an arcade stick.

Play champion mode! When you Hit G2-B area, you should be a decent cammy.

You don’t have to install drivers for the 360 stick, they’re already installed on XP and Vista systems (dunno about Win7). But he already said he wont be buying a stick. Something about it being a pride thing.

How do I do a fast cannon spike (quick recovery) where you can juggle? I know you’re supposed to have the ex-meter filled but I’m missing something else.