Mains - Who and why?


Hi all,

I am currently on Street Fighter V and main Karin. Silver Grade.

Who…do you main, and why? :slight_smile:


F.A.N.G., At first sight I thought he was ridiculous and didn’t want anything to do with him. After careful reconsideration I am glad I gave him a try. I dig his look, move list, everything about him is just outlandish.


Chun Li. I was tired of playing characters that had slow walk speed in SFIV and figured with SFV focusing heavier on walking around with buttons that someone like Chun would play into that. Once I saw she had a lot of her 3S normals I was hooked since Chun was one of my side characters in 3S.


Sounds logical. This game is punishing should whiffs occur.

Tournament wise, big characters won’t work (Gief) as there is short time to fully read your opponents moves in tourney vs best out of 5.

Haha F.A.N.G is your average drunken fighter. He’s good


Needs a new poll for post launch
I’m still going with bison as a main and necalli for secondar and plan on adding Alex later. I like straight forward characters that still can surprise an opponent and both have good anti fireball tools (plus the designs of course)


Nash, Cammy, Chun, Bison (and possibly Karin/Mika) for now.


Dat Buttons

Dat Damage

Approved by Wesker

Nah seriously, Cammy was allways my favourite, I would never drop her or change her position to a sub. She will allways be my main.


R. Mika because of that Stone Cold Stunner!


I’m playing Ryu because I’m shit and there’s no point in trying to pick a character before I meaningfully understand what their toolkit means in terms of playstyle.


Zangief all the way. I’m all about grapplers and he feels super fresh in this game.


I was maining Birdie for a bit. I like his style, and I think he’s hilarious. But I’ve never been great with slow-moving grapplers. So I switched to Charlie. Guile’s been my main since SF2, and with him not in the game, I figure Charlie is my best bet. But once Guile is out, that’s gonna be it. Guile all the way.


Chun-Li: shes my favorite character now and forever and shes so much fun to play and master


Laura, i really like her moveset and feel.


I’m def going to main alex when he comes out :slight_smile:
as long as he isn’t complete crap, i was going to main zangief but he’s bottom tier, oh well


R Mika.

Her wall bounce is probably the funniest moveset in the game. Also I mained her in SFA3.



El Fuerte use to be my main. After trying Rashid out, I knew he was the character for me.


I really like ken in this one. Ryu seems too stiff and ken is the only other shoto so… Yea I was waiting for ya. Sad akumas not here


Bison, but I want to get around to learning 'Gief. I’ve found these two characters to be really fun.


i like necallis speed and damage.

one thing i hated as a chun player in 4 was her bad damage and how scared i was of gimmicks or setups, and even if i guessed right i couldnt hurt them.

necalli hurts. dont gimmick him.


Birdie. Amazing mid-range tools, solid footsies, high damage.