Maintaining a PDP Versus Fighting Pad


As a result of (several factors including) this thread (PS3 Base) Project: Arcade Pad (PAP) - In need of wirers , I am finally getting my custom fight stick from Project GiantSword 3rd paragraph and 4th picture

As you can see, it uses a thumbpad from a PDP Versus Fighting Pad , which is fine and dandy, but reports say the switches in the thumbpad die out quickly. Ok no problem, just buy another, right? Wrong. “We’re Sorry, This Item Is Currently Unavailable”

That prompted me to tweet PDP:
@SM_Shourai: “@PDPgaming Question. Are the Versus Fighting Pads no longer in production, or just out of stock?”

@PDPgaming: “@SM_Shourai They are no longer in production.”


As for why I’m not using a Sanwa JLF, they can’t be easily cut down to the appropriate height and still be functional.

TL;DR - Does anyone know how to maintain/repair a thumbpad from a PDP Versus Fighting Pad?

Why are MadCatz fightpads so horrible?

The switches are through-hole mounted on PCB, and can be swapped out with the ones from the buttons or from another broken pad though desoldering and resoldering might involve a bit of effort. You may also be able to find replacement switches by means of digikey or the like.

I should double check, but I’m pretty sure I have some suitable spare pieces in my bag-o-parts. If I do find them, I’ll send them your way.


Thanks man and check your email