Major BnB changes with Ultra



Hey all,

Been a while since I posted here, I’ve contributed a little in the past so if anyone remembers me, hi~

For those who don’t, I’m a 3000 PP Juri main who streamed occasionally and posted various BnB guides for Juri in SSF4:AE.

I took a half year hiatus from SF waiting for Ultra, but I wasn’t actively reading forum posts or looking into the tech discussions for Ultra once it released on console.

My question is, what are the major changes in playstyle for Juri in this patch?

So far I’ve managed to work out a few combos with far mp and play around with instant ex dive kick, I also found that red focus into ultra 1 mix-up can be quite painful.

Happy to discuss and work things out with people as I am doing my own testing in the training room, but figured that sharing is caring!


Need some post-Ultra Juri info

Well since you hit 3k pp I assume you know somewhat of the advanced techs. RFA is really only used to hit U2 or activate U1 full combo. I think the highest damage I was able to do was ~510. st MP can now replace cr. MK on most of the cast for even more damage combos. EX divekick scales HARD with all followups, I personally only use it to activate U1 and get a reset mixup, it also is +2 at best on block but you must hit their ankles pretty much. Anything above the knees is punishable by SPD. st lp is useless in FSE not only because they didnt match the hitbox to the normal verson i.e AE Juri but it also gimps the damage. Less pushback on cr lk and non quick rise unblockables are still intact. cs MK is still abusable against grapplers but it’s now grabable on the initial frames. I havent had the time to sit down and document by findings with the new characters yet but most of the japanese Sougha setups still work on the new characters albeit with some variation.


far.MP outside of combos is huge since it’s such a good pressure tool for the corner. If they decide to not press buttons you can just keep doing far.MP xx LK release into frametraps or far.MP xx Stores all over again or try to whiffpunish.

EX Pinwheel is now a godlike antiair against characters with annoying jumpins such as Rolento j.HP (basically Sakura / Honda all over again), Poison j.HK and Hondas invincible j.MP.
far.LK can also now be used to hitconfirm after 2-3 cr.LK’s which is imo pretty huge but I don’t see it used often. Then again it only combos into LK or EX Wheel. MK too but the last hits will whiff.

EX MK fireball is also pretty good but I didn’t really incoporate it into my gameplan yet. I still use EX LK fireballs a lot more but during pressure EX MK fireball is probably the better choice especially in the corner.
Didn’t figure out/practise any strings yet though.

Red Focus is kinda “ok”. If you’re not using U2 exclusively then you won’t find any good use for it since you will use your meter for other stuff such as the EX fireballs, EX Dive, EX Pinwheel, FADC combos etc.
Using Red Focus to reset with FSE is pretty gimicky imo and not worth the meter.

Unblockable Setups still work especially when you use FSE since the technical will show up during the Ultra flash animation. For other setups you have to whiff a s.LK after LK Pinwheel if they use DWU.
You can react to it but it can be pretty hard at first.

btw do you play on PC ?


I noticed this as well, how many frames are grabable? I thought it was supposed to be buffed in Ultra?

Yes. In about a week or so once I’ve picked it back up again I’ll be streaming and putting VoDs on YouTube.



#6 used to be airborne through the first active frame. Now it’s unthrowable for the first frame, and airborne until the frame before the last startup frame. Its amazing how much throws catch that one frame window.


Sorry for my ignorance on this, what’s the difference between airborne and unthrowable in terms of being thrown.


They added the unthrowable frame so we couldn’t air reset out of mixups. We still can, but not against meatys and you need a bit of timing. As far as being thrown, there’s no difference.