Major differences between SE and TE sticks?

Hi, I’m going to be coming into some money pretty soon and was thinking about buying the MadCatz tournament edition fight stick. I saw that they made a standard stick for about half the price, so I’m wondering…

Is the quality of the TE stick worth the money or would I be better off getting an SE stick?

Thank you in advance,

Well the parts in the SE are crap to begin with that will need replacing in a month or 2, but it’s cheaper to get an SE and put Sanwa or Semitsu guts into it. On the other hand the the TE will pretty much be good to go right out of the box.

Thank you, I think I’ll just spend the money on the TE and not worry about breaking anything.

You will love either one.

Doesn’t really matter if you do break anything. They made it pretty much painless to replace the parts.

The SE is great when you get the dog shit knock off parts out of it.

So apart from the shape/size, there’s no difference between an SE & TE assuming your changing the buttons/stick?

Te stick use sanwa buttons and stick. It’s also a good weight and size that won’t fly off your lap. You can get it for 120 on

I wouldn’t bother buying a SE stick + 50 dollar in parts and doing a swap. Doing a swap is a real hassle if it’s your first time and pretty much void your warranty.

Oh the TE stick has a cord compartment to hide the cords.

I’ve heard it’s very flimsy and unless you completely tie the cables you’ll struggle to actually get them back in, is that true?

Very true. I don’t even use it. The door is very flimsy and how they fit the cables in that compartment at the factory beats the hell out of me.

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

I bought my SE about 6 weeks ago (my first ever stick) and I really like it, planning to put in Sanwa stick/buttons though…I saw the over here in the UK that the TE is now only 100…it was 150 here on release so that’s a huge saving!

I actually never understood the UK pricing. I knew the pound was going down the shitter but the fact that you could buy one in the US for $150 and we were being charged 150. 100 is the correct price and should have been the RRP when first launched IMO, although some game stores are still selling stock at 150.

The door is very flimsy, I don’t have a problem putting it back in. It is a little tedious folding the cable over itself to fit back in though.

I took the door off to drill holes in the inner compartment for detatchable cables and the hinge his held on by very thin plastic.

A modded SE is the best commercially available stick you can have IMO. I prefer the SE case to the TE case.

I also like the SE case much more. It’s much more portable and has nicer art.

The cable compartment on Mad Catz’s FightStick Tournament Editions is indeed a little bit small considering the thickness and length of cable they gave us. When my friend asked me to multi-console mod his FSTE, before I closed it up, I went ahead and cut off about a meter and a half of the four meters of cable and resoldered it to the PCB. My friend has never thanked me enough for that since he can now fold up his cable into the compartment without having to meticulously wrap it up. That’s what did and it’s very easy if you’ve got the necessary soldering skills.