Major gAMING NIGHT feb.20th fri PDX

this Will be awesome there will be some old skool 007 golden eye mult going down. I would want get ST popin 4 sure 3’s (anyone) Cvs2(?) AJ be sure 2 bring that ps2/dreamcast convertor get phat paid! Any request for gamin munchies? IF ART were comin I bake him a catus sandwitch in his honor. ill have a ps2 dreamcast modxbox if anyone may be able 2 bring a console do it? Directions 4130 sw view pointer apt#12

hell yeah goldeneye! lol im gonna try to make this, what up with sf4 though?

Well I’m going 2 meet with RBX 2 get ps2/ps3 convertors wenesday so i’m hoping that I might be able get by 20th? I know some that will have it for sure maybe I can do some persuasion?

id bring mine but im gettin it on 360 >.<

I’m willing to drive, I don’t have work if anyone else is willing to show. I can bring my 360 with HD:R on it and I might even have 2 sticks a happ comp and TE if I get it by then. Down for CVS2 and goldeneye also

For everyone that makes it will also recieve a sf4 poster!:lovin:

Are you buying friends? :rofl:

I’m still not sure if I’ll make it or not. Would be a lot of fun, but I’ve gotta train SFIV for the comp on the 21st.

Also… public transit from Vancouver to… Beaverton(?)… isn’t that awesome at night. We’ll see what happens.

I’m gonna be training for the 21st also which will be the next day awesome event back too back!

So is more than 2 people showing up to your pad? Who is all going?

I might go this week, just have some people to play we shall see. I have 2 ps2->ps3 converters.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that I won’t be making it out this time. I hope you get more people showing up, but I’m not feeling the love for public transit right now.

Good luck. Enjoy! :tup:

So metalhealth, fullmetalross(maybe?), the OP and myself? Anyone bringing SFIV? I have a PS1 Dual shock stick w/ usb adapters and a xfps 3.0 360 adapter and a 360 with HD:R on it.

i think im gonna show as long as somthing dosent come up, soulintake when are you heading over there? i have SF4 on 360 so i could bring it if no one else can.

Hey Kurt, that sounds good- my amazon shipment still hasn’t come for TE stick or SFIV. As long as we have some HDR too.

damn that sucks man. hey Mk Master how many people are you expecting at your place?

Mk Master i sent you a pm asking for directions, id like to come out there and play some games but if you dont get online soon im gonna miss it(its 6:40) cause i cant find the address you put in the OP on through the internet and it sounds like SoulInTake cant either.

Yeah you disappeared dude. What happened? I almost drove a long ass way for that