MAJOR Hotel issue. Please confirm your registrations with Caesar's Palace!

**EDIT: ROOMS FIXED! They now properly show Deluxe in the Palace Tower. Thanks Mr.Wiz!
This started in the Hotel thread but it’s buried deep and is a major concern, so please bare with the new thread and please post here if you have the wrong room.
SHORT VERSION: People that ordered rooms through the EVO website that were listed as DELUXE rooms may have their rooms marked down as CLASSIC rooms with none of the amenities promised (no LCD TV, etc). **

Long version:
I ordered a room in January, very early on and like all of you, was promised a Deluxe Room in either the Forum or Palace Tower. Back then the rate was $149 (and later ~$180 for people that ordered the second batch and $190 for the last batch). Regardless of when you ordered, they were all supposed to be DELUXE ROOMS. That means LCD TVs, walk in shower, desk/leather chair, more room, etc.

However, the Reservations desk is saying the block of rooms are listed as CLASSIC rooms. These are the lowest rooms available with NONE of the amenities offered to us via the EVO Hotel Registration page. It’s a completely different area, block, room. I have made almost a dozen calls now to confirm this multiple times. Worst of all, Caesar’s is 100% unwilling to do anything about this except to say we have to talk to the Event Planner OR get lucky on the day we check in that they can “upgrade” us…at our own cost.

As far as I can tell, this person Marci is the only contact we have right now and may be the only person who can help. Her information was on the EVO Hotel page as well as the confirmation email. Here is her contact info to help resolve your issue…I hope.

Marci Glavin, CMP
Associate Regional Vice President
HelmsBriscoe Baltimore/DC

It will all be worked out before Evo. We will be in the Forum or Palace towers which are all remodeled or upgraded.

Thanks Mr. Wizard, I hope you are right. Can we leave this thread up for updates/confirmation or shall we use the 7-page Hotel thread?

Appreciate the quick response!

Talked to the hotel this morning, it was a error, it has been corrected now!

Thanks for your patience!

I just spoke to the hotel about 10 minutes ago and they said my rate was $209 instead of the $179 the site had me at when I first booked months ago. Person I spoke with also said he could put in a request for the deluxe style rooms but that my current reservation made no mention of it.

Will my rate be corrected as well as the room style? What should I do?

Yep, confirmation on both ends the Deluxe rooms are back in business. Not sure on the rate issue, but let’s wait a day or two and see. They might be making more changes.

thank god i was wondering about this