Major Hurdles in This game

First, a bit of a back round on me.

I’m a pretty old guy, been hitten up arcades since the earily 1980’s. I was around when the first street fighter was around, and i played it lots in 7-11’s and arcades, when street fighter 2 hit, i was pretty competitive, and was large on the scene. When the crossover games started coming out, xmen vs street fighter etc, I started falling out of the fighting game scene. I wasn’t present for the SF3’s and marvel series and what not. But with SF4 hitting the shelves i picked up my competitive ways again and i feel i did very well in SF4.

Now i’m at a crossroads with marvel vs capcom 3. And it infuriates me that i cant do what’s required to become good at this game. Firstly, i’m noticing team synergy is alot more important than just individual characters, you have to find assists that compliment eachother, this is a huge problem for me cause how i operate is i find a character i really like, and i stick with them and put in the work, but you cant really just slap a team together and call it a day, you need to make sure they mesh well together for assisting.

So i tried doing this, I went with Sentinel first, but i ditched him cause i just hate him, not because of what’s said here on the fourms, but because i cant stand clunky big characters.

I tried Tron due to seeing justin do well but her assist is such a short range that i end up getting popped on the way in or just being too slow to summon, so now, i’m with Hshen-ko purely for assist reasons, I dont really even like her that much when i’m forced to play her cause my other 2 got knocked out, though i have to admit, she has grown on me. X-23, and Storm are the 2 that i fight with the most. What ill’s me is that i cant work assists into my game, It’s proving very difficult, i either get them flat out murdered or i cant train myself to attack after an assist. In SF, it’s just one character, and i can run my rushdown/mindgames, but mind games here take another dimension with the assists, and i’m having problems learning how to work assists in the right way, So my question to the community is this. SHould i just give up and wait for AE DLC, or can someone who has great SF execution do well in marvel given time invested.

Is it worth it?

I say work at it man! Learn to dominate in both. Marvel is so much fun BECAUSE of how much madness is going on. Its a game that can really show someones individuality of how they play TEAMS and the various ways they play them. Crazy rush down teams, lock down teams, mix of both, etc. I will say it DEFINITELY takes time. Once you understand a few of the basics of how combos are working and what the timing is its pretty easy from there. Coming from Sf4 you shouldnt have any execution problems. (that game is hard as hell with its combo system)

give it another chance, both games are fun for different reasons(SF for the 1v1 & MvC3 for the all of the crazy stuff that can happen on the screen at the same time)!