OK, who here besides me usually gets into matches that are RIDICULOUSLY laggy. I swear, sometimes I’ll get into a match where every one of my opponents attacks skip frames, like when they jump. One second they are on the ground far away, next they are already in my face attacking. I have a great connection with Comcast, but this sort of thing still happens. Anyone else get something like this? Anyone have some real crazy stories?

Yeah, I play with network smoothing off, so if I play anyone outside of Europe, the screen starts twitching and frames dropped. I try to join rooms with pings under 64ms as that’s what I find bearable, but 98% of the time, someone joins and I get lag. It’s crap but that’s just the way it is. I find that I can play 100ms at a push (guys in New York for example), but it’s starting to glitch up more.

My connection is great, but it depends on the connection of others. I’m on LLU which bypasses a lot of shit, and I’ve turned fastpath on which further reduces latency by removing some of the error checking on the line (it’s stable, so I don’t need it). I live in England, around 140 Miles away from London, and I can play Aerorockman in France and our ping is only 23ms. I get similar pings to some guys in the UK (who are also on LLU) but most times they are 40-60ms.

Most times lag is the doing of someone who doesn’t check or understand ping. I quite often get guys from Australia and Taiwan connecting to me. Maybe they think higher is better?

I dunno, I find if I stick to 4 player rooms at or under 130ms I can get pretty crispy connections (this is with 0 input delay) I can get even better perfomance with 1 frame delay, up to 160ms lag free (well, pretty much, a little skip here and there at 160 ms)

Yeah, I’ve been getting some weird lag lately too. Something is up with the net code.

Aside from some players who always seem to get suspiciously laggy when they’re losing (cough…nappy nightmares…cough cough…), which is really annoying, i generally have good connections, but that’s because i watch ping speeds carefully and avoid anybody who has a bad connection as “disruptive”.

I’m in Ireland on a 5Mb up/0.5Mb down DSL connection, and i play anywhere up to about 130ms ping if possible, which gets me decent connections games with the US/Canada Eastern sea board, all of the UK and most of mainland Europe. I’ll play higher pings, up to 175 max if there are no other games available, I sometimes play some guys in Detroit or Chicago like Jigglynorris, but just for fun. I won’t take the games too seriously with a distance like that, it’s just a little bit too unpredictable to be perfect with your timing.

The most annoying thing about HDR on XBL is the handful of Hong Kong & Japan players that have got it by getting around territory restrictions there, and insist on trying to join games that are halfway across the world from them. There’s NO point in trying to play streetfighter online with a 400+ ping. It’s just silly. I wish they would stick to their own region.