*MAJOR* MashFest 8/15 San Antonio, TX


Ladies and Gentlemen, San Antonio has returned to the major tournament scene. For years, we have not had a major tournament here but that has changed. For those of you that know me, you know I run smooth, good tournaments w/big turnouts. Dallas has T.I.T, Houston has Trashday and now San Antonio will have MASHFest (cause we’re all mashers). This is a tournament you DO NOT want to miss folks! All the matches will be LIVE STREAMED on the website below. Who wants to come play TX’s finest?

-This tournament will take place one day, the August 15th.

-The Venue will be at Gamelot (address below)

7007 Bandera Rd
San Antonio, TX 78238-1138
(210) 684-0101

texasmashfest.blogspot.com (This website is brought to you by our very talented Web Developer, SA Rob (aka Rob Jones on this site)). Pre-Registration is coming soon!!

Venue Fee: $10

Street Fighter 4 (PS3) (1PM)

-60/30/10 split
-$15 Entry Fee


Soul Calibur 4 (PS3) (3PM)

-60/30/10 split
-$15 Entry Fee

3S Teams (4pm)

MvC2 (5PM)

BlazeBlue (PS3) (5PM)
-60/30/10 split
-$15 Entry Fee

Get HYPED people, this is a MAJOR event that everybody needs to make sure they do not miss! Keep the date open folks!

If you bring a setup, you get $5 off of your entry fee

Hotels if you need one:

Super 8
5336 Wurzbach Road, Loop 410 W, Ex 12 or 13A, San Antonio, TX? - (210) 520-0888?

Holidy Inn Express
2861 Cinema Ridge, San Antonio, TX? - (877) 863-4780?

Red Roof
6880 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX? - (210) 509-3434?

Days Inn
6010 Nw Loop 410, San Antonio, TX? - (210) 522-1995


tekken taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag


sounds pretty good. I’m confused on Smash Bros; is it Brawl or Melee you’re holding?


The new one that is on the Wii. Maybe I said the wrong thing, if I did, I apologize. AFAIK, DugFinn is running that tournament, I will get details ASAP and post them.

Xtian: Most likely it will happen sir


If possible please check the adds on the mashfest site to help with cut out of pocket costs every click helps :slight_smile: Thanks!


Where in San Antonio is this going to be held at? And in August correct? …I cant wait…

Off topic: Anyone wanna add me on PSN,make some new SF friends :stuck_out_tongue: and well more practice.


venue is still in the finalization process… we do know the dates are set though :slight_smile: and the prices are set as well… online registration will go up by the end of next week


I better start practicing match ups for that pot.


Is there going to be a link for online registration(s)?
Thanx in adv.


i strongly recommend you hold a mvc2 tourney and a 3s teams tourney. if this is going to be our 1st big tourney since god knows when. its a must that you have those 2 in there. your list is good so far but adding mvc2 will bring more of houston and dallas back to san antonio. if it makes any difference i will add $100 to 1st place for mvc2 if you can add it. update the 1st page so out of towners know everything. venue fee $10, ssbb instead of ssbm… cant wait for the update so we can start posting in other threads!!! good job NORI, as well as SA_ROB


3s Teams pretty pretty please!!! :smiley:


Sounds good. I’ll PM you later to discuss MvC2/3S details


I’d be down to go to SA for 3S and just to chill. I love that city.


Which system will be used for MvC2? also 3S so i can put that info on the Site…


The standards are ps2 for 3s and dreamcast for mvc2.


once we get prices finalized for all games i’ll throw up the online registration via paypal… mainpage for the blog has list of game and prices… assuming we get some sort of internet connection there we’ll be doing live feeds from this Event thanks to ustream.com… get excited people this is gonna happen…


:sad: same weekend as SBO… “TX’s finest” won’t really be there :x


More money for the third rate players then? :X


u guys should add blazblue since it will be coming out the end of june.


it’s coming… GET HYPE… MO MONIES!!!