[MAJOR]MTLSF NEMESIS 2 [8/1/11]@Montreal Qc]$1000 Bonus/Sp00ky/Art/Chris Hu/Dieminion

Old adversaries - New rivals - Settle the score.

Things are getting darker…Montreal Street Fighter proudly presents the return of the NEMESIS annual winter event. NEMESIS is all about the grudge match: finding that one rival bastard - and taking them down for good. Celebrate the new year by crushing all opposition, and claiming the glory!

31/12/10 Update: Guests are booked to stay at the hotel across the street from the venue: Montreal Hotel : Best Western Hotel Europa au centre-ville de Montral
30/12/10 Update: Chris Hu and Dieminion confirmed!
18/12/10 Update: $200 pot bonus sponsored by Montreal City Limousine! An additional $200 from MTLSF! 1000$ POT BONUS TOTAL!
16/12/10 Update: Uvixo sponsorship added! + $100 bonus!
14/12/10 Update: Apologies for flipflopping, but due to unforseen circumstances, this will remain a one day event, and 3S and MvC2 will be cancelled.
13/12/10 Update: Tekken rules added! Combo exhibition details updated!
10/12/10 Update: Tekken 6 added!
03/12/10 Update: TEAM SP00KY, including Arturo “Sabin” Sanchez and NerdJosh confirmed!

MTLSF NEMESIS 2 is officially sponsored by:
[]Montreal City Limousine, who will be providing the winner of SSF4 singles with a $200 pot bonus and Arcade Stick!
[]Shadaloo Xtreme Fightsticks will be providing additional small gifts for our tourney winners!
]Uvixo - will be providing a spnosored $100 pot bonus, as well as various clothing giveaways!

About Foonzo:

About Uvixo: Uvixo is a young Canadian company that designs and commercializes video game inspired clothing. Our mission is to fulfill the unique clothing needs of this distinct sub-culture and to promote self-pride among our clients. We are particularly proud of being a Canadian company and being part of the Gamer sub-culture. Let?s be proud of who we are.

The official online store (Uvixo Online Store) is launching January 1st. Stay tuned!
Join us on facebook for updates, contests, prizes, and more. Uvixo | Facebook


**DATE: **
Saturday, January 8th, 2011


1245 rue Drummond
Montreal, Quebec

Foonzo is a new venue opening in central downtown Montreal. It is a large cafe with over 3000 square feet of space, featuring an open lounge area, various available foods and drinks, and most importantly, 8 dedicated head-to-head lagless Xbox 360 stations. Each has installed arcade stick setups, but of course bringing your own stick is an option. The cafe-lounge is also surrounded by various bars, major malls and many Montreal nightlife points of interest.


SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 Singles (Xbox 360)

[]Double elimination tournament
]2 out of 3 games per match
[]3 out of 5 games per semi final match
]4 out of 7 games grand finals
Entry Fee: $10
Prize Distribution: 70/20/10 + $1000 pot bonus to 1st place!


Double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
2 out of 3 games per semi final match
3 out of 5 games grand finals

Entry Fee: $10
Prize Distribution: 70/20/10 [/COLOR]

See Rules below
[]Double elimination tournament
]2 out of 3 games per match
[]3 out of 5 games per semi final match
]4 out of 7 games grand finals
Entry Fee: $10
Prize Distribution: 70/20/10


[]Double elimination tournament
]2 out of 3 games per match
[]3 out of 5 games per semi final match
]4 out of 7 games grand finals

Entry Fee: $5
Prize Distribution: 70/20/10



11am - Sign ups for all games
1:30 pm - Registration for SSF4 closes
2:00 pm - SSF4 begins
3:30 pm = Registration for 3S and HD:R closes
4:00 pm - 3S and HD:R begin

A brief recess for setup rearrangement will occur before top 8 commences.

Goes without saying but I’m going to stress it as it’s important and we don’t want any issues arising later:


You’ll be reminded when you receive your bracelet as well.

No Turbo buttons. Any breaks in gameplay, deliberate or not, will award a decision to player NOT responsible for the break, to either restart the round or accept the round win. Disturbances must be reported the moment they occur. If both players resume play consensually, there will be no reverse judgment on the results. Judges reserve the right to make a final call on any issues.

BlazBlue CS Rules:
[list][]Valkenhayn and Platinum the Trinity will be banned.
]Makoto is allowed.
[*]The tournament will be ran on the cs1 balance build aka ver 1.xx and not cs2 aka ver 2.xx.
*Now, Fight Your Rival. *

>Reserved for promotion and MM scheduling. More coming soon!

Official TrailerFacebook it!
Official Website

BONUS EVENTS (Only time permits/or on Sunday):

7v7 Regional Battle: MTLSF HQ vs. TOSF:HQ!
You guys know the deal, we need to run this back at last!
Also, Halifax and Newfoundland are in the house! This might be a mini team exhibition!

  • MM Combo Challenge: HORSE Rules*
    [] East coast style, a combo challenge is a money challenge between 2 players to see if one player can match every combo the other player can set.
    ] The game follows H-O-R-S-E rules, every time you drop a combo that’s been set for you, you get a letter. Players take turns setting the combo.
    []Whoever spells our HORSE first loses.
    ]Counter-hits are permitted on, but only 4 EX stock and one Ultra may be used ? it has to be match practical.
    [*]A referee will make any close judgment calls if needed.

Money Match Fight Card:

[]JS Master vs. FreddyLoco
]JS Master vs. MTLer
[]KillaCam vs. Snafoo
]Jensine vs. ThirtyHitCheapz
[]RXS vs. HvE
]RXS vs. Crankypunk
[]Buddahforce vs. Trini
]Mr.Trite vs. VanHyuk (unconfirmed, Trite has been called out)
[]Eric Hai vs. Rameo
]MTLer vs. Prez (unconfirmed, The Legend has been called out)
[]MTLer vs. Kai
]ThirtyHitCheapz vs. Mana-Boy

[]Thelo OPEN CHALLENGE (Up to $100)
]Thelo vs. Jimmy Bones
[*]Jimmy Bones vs.Embrio

Come forth, DaDesi, my stickybitch! Arise!

accidentally deletes thread

Sick. I’m going to make absolutely sure I make it down for this one.

I’m actually heading down to MTL tomorrow afternoon to visit family - if I’ve got time over the weekend, I’ll drop by HQ and see what’s up.

I would like to challenge Fredyloco and MTLer both to a MM in SSF4. $20-100?

i’m also gonna give Smokey a chance to redeem himself in marvel if he chooses to

As usual, any MM challenges in SSF4 under $100 is automatically accepted.

Sup MTL? :coffee:

i accept of course, unsure of amount at the moment, but most prob a 100$

sidebet 50$ on freddyl0c0

id also like to extend the same MM proposal but to snafoo

one stipulation is we play before 5am this time lol

Accepting the MM gsxtacy and yes we’re doing before 5am :smiley:

Hell yeah, HD Remix, we in there. I predict the return of a crown to its rightful owner.

Woolie, will you be my one rival bastard that I try to take down for good?

I understand if there’s another rival in your life…

Where’s Embrio, the best HDR player in Canada?

I want to MM him 100$ if he’s coming.

Can’t we all just get along!?

Will be there, probably along with most of Ottawa.

I challenge my clone HVE to $20 MM ft3.

This marks the official return of the greatest SF player to ever come out of Toronto. CFJ champion Tigerlee. Plz hold CFJ side tourney.

lol - i’ve actually been playing cfj recently (training/arcade mode) since i don’t really have any other FGs i can play at home - kenji/demitri = greazy. i would totally enter a cfj side tourney

Definitely bringing up some Niagara players to this.

Good shit, MTL! This looks so good.

thankyou Vesna, i’ll take JS for $50

since we are on the subject of MM I’m calling out Trinimode ft5 any amount