MAJOR: Northwest Majors 3 - November 11-13 Confirmed - SEE RECENT POSTS FOR LATEST INFO

Friday, November, 11 through Sunday, November, 13
Best Western Executive Plus
200 Taylor Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Northwest Majors Official Site

Northwest Majors Official Twitter

Facebook RSVP -

Events (as of 09/27/2011)
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
Marvel vs Capcom 3
BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2
Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike: Online Edition
Tekken 6
Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo

Venue/Entry Fees
[S]$20 Up Till October 28, 2011 (Online)[/S]
[S]$25 from October 29 to November 4 (Online)[/S]
$35 At the Door on Friday, November 11

Online registration WILL END One week before the tournament


Entries —————– Pays
1-95 ------- Top 3 (70/20/10)
96+ ------- Top 6 (65/18/9/4/2/2)

Seeded Qualifiers

Best Bout Ranbats

  1. LordBBH
  2. Kwyjibo*
    If Fatbear is able to attend, he will take Kwyjibos spot


  1. LordBBH
  2. 1TruKing

Gamebreakerz Tournament (10/22/2011)


  1. Jason Cole
  2. Jason Nelson


  1. Rattana
  2. MKP

Current Game List
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
Marvel vs Capcom 3
BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2
Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike: Online Edition
Tekken 6
Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo


Team Events are also being discussed at the moment.

there seems to be some intrest in people traveling to WA to play in the BB tourney. is it possible that the tourney doesn’t take place at 9am? (apparently thats what NWM2 did)

Right now I don’t think scheduling has been confirmed, but with the advantage of a multiple day tournament, there won’t be any worry of having to worry about getting through finals on that same day.

Mvc3 teams? AE teams?

Possibly, again, scheduling and discussion is currently being…well…discussed

I’m curious as to why this needs to be 3 days…


What room will the ST machine go at? Is it flat from the main entrance to the room (I think it is) and are the corners pretty wide? The Versus City is a behemoth so if it won’t fit we could use a smaller cab, but the Versus City is the ideal Standard Def fighting cab IMO.

Yea 3 day event for this is super lame… No point @ all. NWM & NWM2 finished in a day so I see no need for 3

3rd strike online shouldn’t happen because I already know how that tourny is going to turnout… Super turbo ? ok

Cvs2 > 3s eassssyyy!!!

I just want dates and shit to be confirmed also hotel deal???

Date is official. Hotel deals will be confirmed within the next few days.

The goal for this isn’t to be a 1 day event, which it won’t be.

It looks like the entrances for the ballroom have double doors as well, so I believe getting the cabinets into the room won’t be a problem.

Oh, and also any attempt at derailment of this thread will result in an infraction. This thread is to discuss and offer ideas for NWM3 but know that any final decision is by the TOs

Would it be okay for me to hold a vampire savior tournament one of the non-ST days on the cabinet since it will be a 3 day event? VS is surprisingly popular, people love that game.

Also you guys should ask Julien if he could bring his Egret cabinet…

No reason for it not to be a 3 day event if the turnout is strong. Through talking with alot of people that I know at EVO (as well as people I just met), there is quite a few out-of-staters that would be interested in coming to this, but I highly doubt it’d be worth it to them if it was only 1 day. I know if I was flying in from another state for a 1 day tournament I’d consider not going.

That’s just me though.

Agreed. Plus, more days to spread out the games means we can get a days worth of streaming for both AE and MvC3.

Hey Guys, I have good news, bad news and some news.

I prefer to have everyone aware of what is happening with the tournament and involved who wants to know, then just hearing bits and pieces.

Starting with the bad news. I spoke with Mary (head of sales) today and she informed me that Saturday Oct. 22nd is reserved and has been reserved yearly for a group they work with in Seattle. When I arranged the date 2-3 weeks ago, I was assured we had the dates reserved and they were in the books. That turned out not to be the case. Mary was very apologetic, and we looked at some future dates. Nov. 4th-6th is the closest date available to our original date (that is not Halloween, they do have all the venue spaces and rooms available.

There is really no way around moving the date at this point. I am sorry for the continuous shifting of dates and I apologize to anyone this inconveniences. I usually don’t like to make any official announcements before ink is on paper just for this reason. Regardless, I think Nov. 4th will work well. If anyone has a glaring reason why those dates won’t work, please post up immediately. If you have flyers or any promotions printed up, I am sorry, but we will have to switch them over.

Good News - Because of the date change, we may be able to get a slightly better rate on the rooms, and all the spaces we want will be available.

Room Rates - Room rates for Guests are going to be $60 a night. People will call the hotel and ask for the Northwest Majors 3 package, and it will get them $60 a night for 2 days before and after the event, so they can stay for up to 4 days if they like. Splitting this between 2-3 people will make the rooms very affordable.

Reserved Rooms - We will have 60 rooms reserved for our guests to reserve upto 2 weeks before the event. So from now till Oct. 21st, there will always be at least 60 rooms available for those attending.

Post up any questions: I will likely be able to answer them today around 2PM, and later tonight after 8.

I am going to be answering some questions posted up in this thread already.

I am going to switch up the order of answering these to hopefully answer multiple questions at once.

That’s a possibility. We have been discussing ways to fit that into the schedule. It is something that everyone wants, so I would like to make it happen.

It is actually a 3 day event, two day tournament. The actual tournament games are going to begin on Saturday and finish on Sunday. Friday is going to be a special event day, beginning in the afternoon and running into the night (possibly pretty late) and will more of an incentive for anyone who would like to come down early, meet people, play some games, watch matches and start of the weekend with some fun before getting into tournament mode on Saturday. We are putting together some special events for the day and working to put together some events and stations that anyone can walk in and have fun with. Think of it as get drunk, play games, and fall asleep in the hotel Friday. (or just chill and meet people and watch some matches, whatever your thing is)

That would be dope, but I don’t think we’ll be making it happen this year.

There is a loading dock entrance at the end of the hallway (the one with the bathrooms) that has access to the restaurant, ballroom, and the whole venue. You don’t usually notice it, but it is a steel sliding door. Even if that doesn’t work, the whole bottom floor is flat, the halls are wide, and the front door is a double door sliding glass entrance.

That might be possible, and I am going to ask Julien if he will. Actually, I wanted to ask anyone with a cabinet and the means to move it who would like to contribute to bring a cabinet. I would actually like to setup a mini-arcade in the venue for Friday, games on Saturday, and have them available for play across the weekend, possibly in the bar area where the pool table is. Could you talk to your friend with all the cabinets? The ones the make it impossible for him to open his front door?

Yeah, asking people to literally disappear from their lives to just play games for 3 days is a lot to ask, and is something I think most people will usually only be able to do for EVO. 2 days is a reasonable time to run and to attend a tournament. The 3rd day (Friday) is going to be there for people who want to get more out of the week and take the opportunity to meet people in a casual setting.

Hopefully, with all Saturday to get to Finals and the proper amount of setups and good tournament runners, we won’t need to start any tournaments at 9. BB always runs their tournaments well, so we will try to make sure it has a good slot.

Ugh I hope she is going to do something for you in exchange for the date bullshit. I already changed the NWM3 date before when trying to get some east coasters to come, if I was them I wouldn’t buy tickets and reserve time off work. Just…ugh. I’m just going to delete the NWM3 thread at dontblowthis.

If you don’t like a 3 day event, don’t come and don’t post in here. It ain’t really a MAJOR if the tourney can wrap up in a day.