Major Problem With MadCatz Customer Service


Last week i had ordered a StreetXTekken Fightstick. Later that night it had come to my attention that one of my friends had a practically never used MvC3 stick they never used that i could purchase from him for a fraction of the cost of the new stick. So i went back to the Madcatz site and thats when the trouble began.
First i read the return/refund/cancel policy and was like ok! i can cancel it no problem… Yet that wasnt the case my account that i used to make the order was not working. I used password retrieval to make sure i wasnt using the wrong password. I checked my email and low and behold the “password:” spot was blank. I waited until friday morning and called there customer service 40mins later on hold w/ a deadnoise/no sound at all holding line a rep picked up. He said he would call and email the warehouse and ask them to cancel it ;that because of the blackouts they where having some issues. And he stated that just incase it wasnt canceled “yet ensured me that wouldnt be a problem” To just reject it when its delieverd and my $ will be credited back to my account.
I called again on monday to make sure it was canceled and was on hold for more than 30mins i hung up. I called again was on hold for nearly 46mins i believe and i hung up again i was at work. So weds comes along and the Stick arrives via fed-ex i asked the guy to return it to sender as the rep had told me previously. I then called my bank to check my account and hey the money was credited back to my account so i called the customer service again and asked the rep that answered if the situation was resolved he put me on hold for a few moments and spoke to a supervisor and said it should be now and now fastforward to today “Friday night” im out w/ friends at a restaurant and my cards declined i call over the phone to check my account. THEY REcharged me for the stick again.!!! overdrafting my account by 6$s

This has to be one of the worst customer service experiences i have ever had. I dont know how these guys function no one has answers its all just run around and “I thinks”.

Does anyone know Markman i know hes a madcatz rep can someone forward this too him?

I hope no one else has had such a terrible experience w/ this company they are supposedly a company w/ a good reputation.

ashley byrum


meh…i work in a big company, basically you’ll have awesome people to deal with before you buy our product, but once you’ve ordered, the order is handled by a third party warehouse company that’ll fuck up your order and that customer service rep will have little to no power when it comes to warehouse issues…lol…gotta love big business…

sorry, that’s my rant for today…


Yeah thats what this feels like i was just at my bank and talked to my personal banker. I keep only what i think im gonna spend in my checking account and the rest in savings. Since they charged me refunded me then charged me again causing my checking account to overdraft I’m now shafted w/ a overdraft fee at least once. My bank can dispute the recharge but it would take much longer to do than Madcatz just refunding me again and at this point my bank said they should be liable and pay me for any overdraft fees i may incur because of the situtation. But something tells me w/ the awful service i have gotten so far that i’ll have a hard time getting a legit refund and probably will never see any compensation for any overdraft fees caused by Madcatz’s incompetence. I left a message w/ markman hopefully he replies on monday. Maybe he can shoryuken there customer service supervisor in the face for me and get this issue resolved real fast otherwise ill just dispute it and make a police statement like my bank advised.


Posting on a forum won’t help you. Please call our reps again, ask to speak with our tech team or ask to speak to a supervisor.

Unfortunately I can’t help you right now, I’m currently out of the office on business in Tokyo. I got your PM and if it’s not settled by the time I get back, I will jump in and help.


Perhaps your “personal banker” could recommend overdraft protection as a service which is usually free with most decent banks and simply pulls funds from your savings or other checking accounts since you have a relative risky way of handling funds in general in case of emergencies springing up and will prevent the dreaded decline.

Rather than raving about CS and calling down the fires of heaven for issues that are mostly automated these days and rarely have to do with some smuck behind a computer screen chortling about double billing you. Then you could have enjoyed your Friday night, called up CS today at your leisure. Explained the situation with a supervisor and probably had everything squared away honkey dorey without run on sentences.

In short relax yo. Mistakes happen and no one is out to get you.

Also Markman is a boss.