Major Richard Winters, the man who lead the Band of Brothers, passes away

I know there are a lot of Band of Brothers fans here so I figured you guys would want to know.

This guy, and all the guys from e company mean something to me. They represent a type of heroism that doesn’t really exist any more because we’ve never been in another conflict like world war II. Every war or conflict we’ve been in since wwII has been very questionable, and mired in political bullshit. Not WWII. These guys volunteered to go fight the greatest evil this world has ever seen. If it weren’t for people like Richard Winters, all the guys in E company, all the vets like my grandfather, and all the guys that didn’t make it back, we’d all be speaking German right now.

I’ll post up more later. Here’s the article.

Yahoo! News

My grandparents knew him and Buck Compton. Good folks.

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dude, that guy was such a beast. rip.


Manly tears welling up.

“If you can,” he wrote, “find that peace within yourself, that peace and quiet and confidence that you can pass on to others, so that they know that you are honest and you are fair and will help them, no matter what, when the chips are down.”

When people asked whether he was a hero, he echoed the words of his World War II buddy, Mike Ranney: “No, but I served in a company of heroes.”

Just saw this on CNN.

Central figure in ‘Band of Brothers’ dead at 92 -

I realize this won’t matter to most of you, and that’s fine. But the man was a god damned beast. He jumped into Normandy and landed with nothing but a damn knife.

After Band of Brothers came out, a lot of those guys became famous. They had book deals mostly, and public speaking deals. I can’t believe Winters gave all that money to charity. That’s amazing. Truly unselfish all the way to the end.

The man’s a hero.

God bless him, and all those like him, past and present.

I just noticed this thread, and I just wanted to give my condolences to the man and his family. The parts that Ronin put in bold speak to how great that generation of men really were. We lost a truly great man.

RIP, i still try to watch that series every now and again. They truly don’t make them like they used to.

dude was beastly RIP

the world got a whole lot less manlier today

Man, WWII was a whole other beast. We fought because it was simply the right thing to do at that time. And to land in enemy territory with nothing but a knife and your gut instincts is without a doubt one of the most badass things in the history of badassdom

God’s saluting him now

Not to cheapen anything, but when I read that part about landing behind enemy lines armed only with a knife, I couldn’t help but think of MGS3: Snake Eater’s opening sequence.

Rest in Peace Major Winters, and alot of respect to all War Veterans who have to go through any significant of side affects which war brings to them. However the way he carried himself on and off the battlefield is what really makes Winters stand out amongst his peers.

You have to give this guy a tremendous amount of respect for what he has done and the fact that afterward he lived up to his promise of living a peaceful life. However he’s now back with some of his Easy Company members once again, and his close friend, may they be able to enjoy each others company knowing that they no longer have to stain their hands in red anymore.

I am impressed by his charitable contributions and other impressive things, but I was still awestruck by:

That’s literally some Solid Snake shit right there, too beast **TOO BEAST! **:pray: This hero can literally go out like Raoh with pride.

REST. IN. PEACE. Major Richard Winters.

'cause he definitely earned his rest*