MAJOR SALE! (Looking for PCBs while I'm at it!)

Important Information: I have a lot of high demand items that a lot of people are looking for. There’s a good chance that people will want that certain item. I’ll only sell the item to the guy who’s buying the most stuff from me. So in other others I give priority if you’re a lot of stuff of of me. Keep that in mind!

  • I’m located in the US.
  • Paypal ONLY!!
  • If you’re in the US I can offer only First Class or Priority Mail (all packages are shipped with DC). Insurance is extra if requested. I really don’t like media mail, don’t ask for it.
  • If you’re international buyer I can offer regular Airmail (rolling the dice), Priority Mail (6-10 days to most areas , tracking and insurance for $60), and EMS (if you’re a high-roller).
  • All games are completed and in great condition unless noted otherwise!
  • Can offer pictures if requested.
  • Prices don’t include shipping.
  • Oh yeah, no lowballing please.

JP Saturn:

Liquid Kids/Mizubaku Adventures: $55
Strahl (comes with spine card, no reg card): $10
Steeldom (comes with spine and reg card): $5


I have a complete Japanese Dreamcast system that was made before October 2000 (FYI it can run homebrew) that’s in good condition (has slight yellowing, and a few stuff marks, noting major). It comes with its box (has some dirt marks on it, looks good for a box), all the paperwork, one regular Dreamcast controller, two VMUs and AV cable. Also included is a VGA box, and a converter: Total Control Plus which you can use any PS1/2 controller on the system.

Price: $80 but if you buy Giga Wing 2 it’ll be $70. Prices before shipping of course. :slight_smile:

Giga Wing 2: $40


XII Stag: $20
Gradius V (Konami the Best Reprint): $20

PCB Want List: I guess you know by now that I’m going into PCBs (I should had done this a long time ago). Anyway here’s my short WTB list of PCBs that I’m looking for. I would prefer US sellers because of shipping cost. I’m not looking to buy a lot of boards at one, maybe one or two boards that will last me for a little while. Also no boots!

Anyway, the list:


Dogyuun (major want ATM)
Batsugun (I would like to get a switch that can change between regular and special)
Fire Shark


Gallop/Cosmic Cop
Image Fight
Dragon Breed


Rapid Hero

Data East:

Nitro Ball


Viper Phase 1 New version (both cart and mobo)


Koutetsu Yousai Strahl
Omega Fighter

And this is it. Of course there’s a lot more games that I would like to buy in the future, but honestly I only care for these games ATM. I would like to keep it that way. :slight_smile:

lotta interest. pm sent

Thanks man, the JP PS2 and some of the games are now yours! Still got plenty of stuff fellas!

Excellent prices on some of the best (and rarest) shmups. If you’re a collector, this is an excellent opportunity.

Gradius V shipped to 90266?

PM coming.

Edit: More stuff sold.

Another DC shooting game has been added!

Good number of stuff is under PENDING, added in some Doujin games.

Reflex is an awesome, awesome Doujin. Graphics are fantastic, music is excellent, weapon system is kick ass. It’s a really unique game as well - level x is vertical, level y is horizontal etc. Some of the battles are 2.5d.

If you’re a shmup fan and haven’t heard of it or played it, definatly check it out.

DC stuff now on sale!

More updates has happen!

All items are priced for sale!

Thread updated!

All PS1 games sold!