Major SF Tournaments?


Hello, I’m interested, what are the major street fighter tournaments ? Usually at eventhubs are posted weekly tournaments, but there are so many that I am a little lost. So, I want to know what are the major tourneys.

  • I’m interested only in street fighter tournaments (SF4, but sf2 also), both from US and from the rest of the world (Japan, etc).
    For now, I know of:
  • Evo, Sbo - the biggest
  • Norcal regional
  • Warzone
  • GVN Winter
  • Final Round
  • Powerup
  • UFGT
  • CEO
  • Eastcoast
  • Shadowloo
  • GodsGarden (Japan)
  • Canada Cup

Which other important tournaments are out there ? if you can provide me with links, dates, it would be great. Thank you


I think it’s all you need at the moment…


SBO used to be a major tourney but increasingly it has become a joke, so I am not sure if it can be considered a major tourney anymore. The competitive scene in Japan is very underdeveloped compared to the US thanks to stupid anti-gambling laws, so events over there is at a different scale compared to events over here.


this post is a joke

site geese provided is basically all you need for most major information though (just click the tournament and you’ll get information about it…)


SBO has always been an invite only event so it’s not really in the same category as Evo and the rest.


Socal Regionals is missing from your list, which is happening this weekend. The kuroppi website should point you to their names, and the rest is up to you to keep looking up the Tournaments & Events section.

Troll post? SBO is an invitational in which only the best players qualify for, and undoubtedly has the top competition in every game it features. Japanese scene, in terms of its competition, is much fiercer than ours, primarily due to the fact that they live pretty close to each other and have access to top level play in many arcades. In comparison, all of our top players are pretty spread out in terms of distance.


This is a view which Japanese players increasingly have on SBO.


Great site, mate, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.