MAJOR SxT 2013 bug?


Ok so for some time I’ve been noticing some wierd stuff going on with the damage and helth bars in 2013 but today I was paying atention and really saw whats going on.

Basically at random some attacks just wont do any damage at all.
2 exmaples I’ve noticed (all with rufus, not sure if the only he has the bug or something).

  1. I did a combo mk, H galactic tornado, The mk did damage but the tornado did not… AT ALL. The combo and the animation happend but the i got the damage only for the mk. And even if it didn’t combo (if the guy wasn’t blocking) the tornado hit anyway and it should have done 3 spikes of damage.Again it did nothing !

  2. I throw a guy, its not even a combo… not only the throw didn’t do any damage but it didn’t take hes red helth away. The hole animation happend, it wasnt an online roll back.It just didn’t do shit.

Maybe its online or rufus specific but thats 2 totally different attacks that got buged. Anyone else go anything like that.

Oh and I have the replays and its buged in the replays with attack data on too. (you can see it both in the attack data and helkth bars). Might recored them later and post here.



When did these happen, during training or an actual match? You checked your opponent’s gem setup? There’s a defense gem where it will nullify all damage from a single attack. The gem probably activated during one of your combos so the next attack was stuffed by it.

I’ve seen that gem used during the 25th anniversary tournament. Maybe someone else could inform you about that as we don’t have that gem in the PC version yet. You may want to check your opponent’s gem setup if you still have the replay.


Makes sence, gonna check it out.


ogre throw doesnt remove red health sometimes. i’ve seen that like 5 times on streams


Maybe they were using fortitude gems and if the gems prevent all damage from a throw you don’t lose red health?


Yeh it was the gems.I feel kinda foolish now.

However the red health on throws might be a buged with those games. The game shound absorb the damage the throw does but why does the read helth stays.