Major Tournaments vs Spectators

Why are tournaments so damn expensive for spectators. Yea, fighting games are going mainstream and whatever, but still it’s like a damn hassle to go to a tournament, or any major nowadays, Here me out, I haven’t been to a major in years, because I don’t care for these new games nor do I play or own any of these new fighting games nowadays since I highly dislike them with a passion.

But! Most of us with common sense go to tournaments for the experience, because only a select few will ever see that prize money anyways. I’m fine with the new line ups putting in shit fighter 4 and mugen vs capcom 3, it’s a new time, its all good “whatever”/

But, don’t tournament organizers understand that a decent chunk of old-heads or casual gamers like a couple of my friends want to come and be a part of the community, hang out, meet up on with old friends we use to kick it with and play cvs2,mvc2, st etc… with? Seriously, the upcoming major tournaments right around the corner, and I talk to a couple of my friends there going to FR, SB or TXS, but they actually play sf4,mvc3, and such.

Yet, myself and others alike are like cool…"I’ll come hang out just to have something to do that weekend, chip in for gas, chip in for hotel,etc… which will, only save my boys extra money to either MM or enter a extra game for the hell of it… but damn it’s like a casual / or oldhead that just want to unite with some peeps and kick back and throw on so old games and simply spectate, it’s like …1. need to preregister with or bank card online, else you play at door and that will be like 40$ and up. or 2. Come on day two or three and still have to play $40 and up at the door.

I’m pretty sure others in my position are like damn…is it really worth going through are that? I’m coming to spectate not fucking play. I understand charging that much for venue for people actually entering tournaments to “try” to get something out of it, but the it’s like if you coming to watch and simply hang out, that’s 40 dollars for a little plastic badge for you to put around your neck “SPECTATE”.

Damn, with all this dlc shit and rehashed games that are out now, and to keep up to date it’s damn near like monthly bills and has gotten to damn expensive, but now tournaments?

Fuck it, all I’m saying is what the hell? Is it to the point were if you don’t play hardcore you might as well stay at home? Because I guarantee a shit load of people are, which sucks because the FGC suppose to be better then that.

Yet, still the fuck is the spectator when it comes to FG majors?

damn do a spectator fee of 10 to 15 dollars or something…geeeez it’s ridiculous

Well… It’s free to spectate at Evolution.

Can’t you just like enter one tournament?

One of these threads :confused:
Simple renting out a hall at a nice hotel isn’t cheap.

A rock concert costs $100 - $250, and gives you less hours of enjoyment than the top FG players. Majors are increasingly turning into rock concerts and being a nightmare to organize when over a thousand people turn out to watch. So why shouldn’t the spectators coming to watch a fighting game concert pay while the ones putting on a performance actually have to pay for the exponentially increasing cost of organizing a major tourney?

The costs for spectators is almost entirely driven by tournament organizers trying to make their events more spectator friendly. It’s not such a problem to let spectators in free when you dont have to have nice venues to accommodate more spectators or a team of people with expensive equipment to stream the tournament for spectators. Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

dude idk where your buying your concert tickets from but your getting ripped off!

What?! Spectators still need to pay? This is news to me! And I mad now! :frowning:

Odd question but did you ever think of talking to the actual person/people running the event and explaining the situation to them?
You could try emailing, PMing, calling, tweeting, facebooking, messaging or texting someone saying four of us want to come but only two of us are entering games and see what they say (which will probably be okay, or you can pay some much lower amount), or you can make a thread on SRK not addressing the actual people in charge that will lead to a page of nonsense after which you will still either end up paying or not going and nothing will be solved.