Major trouble with dp+rh to ken during genie jin

I can get through the corner juggle no problem for the most part…but after the second palm, i go for the can can kick up with rh and i can never bust the jab should bash after that…i’ve also noticed in a lot of videos, pros don’t even go for that…is there any help that can be offered on this, and if not, is there an alternative finish i can do that will do close to that much damage.

you can only do it if the super is running out right when you with the the rh DP (only the second kick connects) then you can do the lp shoulder…etc.

correct me if i’m wrong.

well that’s very good to know, this seems difficult, the timing of all the juggles seems imperative, especially if you want to get that ultimate end result. I’m not too confident of my abilities in such the sense, can you offer me an easier finish that isn’t quite so on the pins and needles of impeccable timing?

wtf? The timing is obscenely lenient if you do palm, dp.rh, lp.shoulder, f+fp, lp.lunge punch.

dp.rh is done while in GJ.
lp.shoulder is not/should not be in GJ.

That is all.