Major XBL performance issues, help and or your experience is requested

Hey guys.

This week, it seems that XBL performance has SUCKED for me.

I’m in the midwest (central illinois) just so you know.

Here is what I have been seeing:

  1. Starting tuesday…XBL performance has been bad. Ping/Lag in SF4 has been horrific, downloads are MUCH slower than normal, and the Netflix viewer is showing my connection quality at TWO bars instead of the usual four bars.

  2. My cable internet is testing at 12mpbs down / 2.5mpbs up…so I have MORE than enough bandwidth…this makes me think that there is some XBL issue going on. I heard a rumor of XBL system upgrades this week, but no one can confirm.


Have any of you noticed a loss in quality/ping this week on XBL?

If so, where are you located (regionally speaking, not asking for home address)?

Anything you want to share here would be read and apprecaited.

Last night I played 12 matches, and in 10 of them the other person dropped…and I am SURE its because my connection was lagging.


Yeah, I tried getting on lastnight and it was pretty horrible. Wasn’t even able to find a match at all.

Thanks for the reply.

I am sorry to hear that you are also having problems, but at least this gives me hope that the problem might not be on my end.

How was your other internet traffic? Streaming video, downloads…other things that were seperate from XBL…they ok?

Wow am I glad I saw this, I was having a ton of problems with netflix the other day and today I was getting some ranked matches in and the lag was insane. I kinda learned to play through it, but it’s really frustrating when I finally get a day off and I have to deal with that shit.

Also to answer your question about other internet traffic, it’s been fine so far, but right now my desktop is out of commission and I’m on my crappy old laptop so I couldn’t tell either way lol.

Ah…and you are regionally close to me…so this makes sense!

Here, this tester works well and its built on the same code that they use for the backbone of

Anyone interested in tracking these performance issues, please try this speed tester WHILE you are having XBL problems and see what you get…if your speed tests out fine, then we are probably looking at an XBL issue.

NOTE: Speed tests are more reliable if you run them a few times and average the results. To determine my speeds today (12/2.5) I ran this test 10 times in 15 minutes and averaged the results.

I have been having problems this week as well. The last two nights, I cannot get a quick match to work at all.

Im in london (uk) and the matchmaking service just seems to be falling to pieces. I dobt its less players infact it probably has problems indexing and serving the ammount of players.

The only way i got a good game last night was playing with people on friends list.

for now BP is just not worth trying to get a game for :slight_smile:

so far, i havent had a single problem with XBL this week. i live in Georgia so im eastern time zone. and as far as quick match, ive given up on that since half the games are unable to play or full

I had laggy matches last night. I usually have 1 laggy match every few days. Also, I do arcade mode ranked request on and usually never make it past the 2nd or 3rd cpu character since I get so many matches. But last night I beat the game twice. I don’t think its just you. =(

Hey all, big update.

Well, it seems that after much diagnosis, testing, etc…my problem is my fucking comcast internet.

I started running chron jobs on my linux box to monitor my traffic through the day and here is what is happening:

6am - 4pm - 10 down / 2.5 up - fantastic connection, great low pings.

4pm-6pm - 4 down / 1 up - My “high speed” cable internet starts to slow.

7pm - 9pm - 2 down / 1 up - Things are now getting very laggy.

9pm - 2am - .8 down / 700k up. - I am now running at 1/2 of DSL speed on a CABLE MODEM.

I have already started the process of getting Comcast to look into the problem…already had one service visit that did nothing, will have a second service visit on Tuesday that will also do nothing.

They have overloaded my local line with too many customers…so when people get home from work and flip on their cable TV or computer…my connection gets choked to death.

There is NO other option for high speed in my area. No FIOS, no other cable providers…its comcast or DSL.


It’s not just Street Fighter. The whole service is lagging.

We experienced a similar problem around 2007 when Halo 3 and COD4 hit. It was due to an influx of new users.

This second wave could be caused by SF4 and RE5, on top of the already huge COD4, Halo, Gears fanbases. Also, GTA LATD could be impacting servers. And don’t forget Left 4 Dead, and the fact MS 13 month cards have been on sale for the past month at 29.99$

Probably a combination of all this. Bottom line, something is hitting them hard. Oh and I forgot Halo Wars, which bleeds into Halo 3 (new maps)… I think all this at once is just shitting all over XBL at the moment.

Yeah, and my HORRIBLE cable internet perfromance isn’t helping.

Jesus I want to drive to the Comcast corporate HQ and crack skulls.


Yeah my roommate and I have been going crazy about XBL for days now. After I found out that I wasn’t the only one having problems I went ahead and started the speed tests and we were fine. We both play a ton of L4D, I obviously play the various SF games, and he’s all about RE5 now. Instead of contacting AT&T, we just started sending complaints to MS… hopefully another system update and new servers would be in store (with enough people complaining of course).

Yeah, this problem may be twofold…I may be dealing with both a comcast bandwidth problem AND an XBL issue.

If its both, that gives me hope…cause monkeys will fly straight out of my ass before Comcast fixes anything…but Microsoft has generally been good in the past about keeping XBL running well.

Here’s hoping!

where the fuck is this at? im about due for another year of XBL

Yesterday my ‘Quick Search’ option was acting up – the same XBL username was popping up in all three slots repeatedly. I attempted to send a negative review but I couldn’t because he was listed as ‘Offline’ for the past six hours.

Has this happened to anyone else?

This started happening to me a few days ago aswell and today the lag was horrible against anyone I played against :s dunno what’s going on tbh.

I always take comfort in the fact the MS wil fix it soon, they take their online service very very serious.

Except all games are P2P, individual games aren’t affected by other games.

The only thing that can be affected by traffic are the Live features themselves. Friends list, marketplace, downloads from Live, etc.

7,000,000 players on Cod4 will not impact match connections in SF4.

Except when you’re on cable and thousands of people in your area are also playing and you’re on shared bandwidth. Also, heavy congestion at major networking hops. A ton of people suddenly playing online games during prime hours in your area. all going through a major network hop like Level 3, will annihilate your peer to peer connection.