Majora's Mask


Bring this game up and you’ll instantly polarized everyone involved. I think that if I had to express it’s essence of worth it would be this. Majora’s Mask is great because it broke off completely from the traditional. Something I wish the latest iterations of the series would do more.

Which is exactly the theme a side story should explore. I’ve heard of this Majora’s Mask cursed cartridge. Oh, it’s an ad.


I brought my LoZ collection Gamecube game to my dorm’s lounge and people have been playing the shit out of this and OoT. My friend Nick has beaten it double digit times hah I haven’t really played it yet but I’m sure I will at some point.


Im someone who liked it though at times it was incredibly infuriating. Probably the best use of link “changing forms” (fuck that wolf shit). Some of the Goron parts made me rage hard though.


You should show your friends that’s beaten it this video: [media=youtube]iGOJmdxdjeA&feature=player_embedded#[/media] and tell us what he says after.


The haunted cart isn’t real unfortunately or fortunately depending upon how creeped/fascinated you were by the video. Actually says so on the site where the source of the vids came from.

Haunted Majora’s Mask :: The Truth


Link combusting into flames in the middle of playing his ocarina was fucking hilarious.


Yes… yes it was.


Great game.


fuck that love mask that you needed to complete the colection
lots of shit for just one stupid piece of heart
Isn’t a couple supposed to emmanate true love therefore a complete heart once you calm the grandpas down??
Fuck that shit

other than that I loved it :lovin:


My favorite are of the game was the Astral Observatory

The walls:

The music:


it was just so perfect.


That game was creepy as fuck and I love it.



I was kind of freaked out at first, but after that part, I could not take the video seriously anymore. lol ;o


i fall into the 1% of people who liked majora better than ocarina at first i wasn’t too big on the whole being times thing but after i looked past that i liked it better. i also like how it was darker than the first.

IMO i goes like this

majoras mask ? ocarina > windwaker ? link to the past > oracle of seasons/ages > links awakening > legend of zelda> minish cap>phantom hourglass> spirit tracks> twilight princess> links adventure


I played the fuck out of Majora’s Mask for years. It was my favorite activity while on holiday break from school. Fire up ye olde N64 and have a go at father time and mother nature.

Clock town, third day, the moon is freaking the FUCK out.



I don’t think MM would have gotten so much hate if to do so some of the events you had to talk to a certain person, on a certain place, on a certain day. Oh and getting 100% heart pieces in that game was nothing but punishment. That being said, the game was pretty great overall, and really slept on.


My favorite Zelda bar none. It has one of the most “real” worlds in any game I’ve ever played. People actually have lives in that game. I also thought Termina was an awesome world to explore, the Masks where bomb and the side quests where almost all fun, especially anything involving Romani Ranch.


This, I hate when I say I enjoyed MM more than OOT and then people get into their asperger induced nerd rage about the time system. The whole game is an awesome experience and had far more replay value.


hrm you have ages/seasons rather high seeing how nobody remembers that game.


Exactly. That’s the reason this is one of my favorite Zeldas as well. The world felt alive and your actions could actually make a difference in people’s lives. This is also where I think the Twilight Princess completely failed. They created this vast world, but the world itself was barren and dead.

Still, Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda since that was also the first game I ever owned. Closely behind that is Majora’s Mask.


Links crossbow training> alll


well i enjoyed those games