Make Dualshock 3 wired


Hey guys,

I think the people on this board can understand that input lag is sort of important…

I have a couple usb fight pads for fighting games.

But for other games, I only have the Dualshock 3 and some 3rd party USB controllers with dual analog sticks.

The problem with those is that the deadzone is too big.

The dualshock 3 is perfect for games like action, adventure, and racing.
Minus the 1. something milliseconds of lag.
The ps1 and ps2 had no lag. I just want to enjoy and play the games the way they were meant to be played.

So that brings me to my question:
Is there a way to make the Dualshock 3 wired and not wireless anymore ?
Maybe solder some things. I’m not really sure.


Can you site your sources on the lag in the ps3 controller?


I’m not sure 1.something milliseconds of lag is considered to be significant.

Also, If you find that the PS3 sticks have an undesirable deadzone, why not just get a ps2-ps3 converter? The InPin is highly recommended, and I find the Dragonplus V2 (which can be had on DX for about $3) to be excellent as well.


I mean, it’s all over the internet, there’s lag with wireless controllers.

But there’s things like personal experience, using a wireless controller at the same time as a USB controller on the PS3.
You can definitely feel that there’s some delay going on when pressing the face buttons.

But there’s also this:

It’s not 100 percent proof, but it’s close.


Oh wow, I wasn’t aware of those adapters.

USB adapters are known for adding lag unless other wise noted.

That’s awesome, I’ll do that instead, thanks for the heads up.


i tried googling the dragon plus v2,

what is it ?


Wasn’t it established forever ago that wireless controllers for 360 and PS3 don’t lag?


Uh no dude there’s not actually lag on the DS3 and you are making stuff up. That chronus adapter example actually proves further that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

One cannot personally experiece 1 millisecond of delay, you you’re probably playing on a laggy TV and don’t even know it.


Ok, I’m pretty sure people on this forum have confirmed the 1st-party wireless controllers are lag-free.

Wireless controllers in general are notoriously laggy, but official Ps3 and Xbox260 controllers are an exception, and are recommended.

As an example, most people on this board frown upon retail-avaliable wireless sticks, but Toodles and Gummo have both designed pcbs for hooking up SixAxis (not DS3) boards to arcade sticks.

Here’s the Dragonplus:

Mixed opinions have been given on this adapter, but the positive reviews tend to cite lag-free operation, while the negative ones refer to general functionality problems. I suspect, therefore, that this is a great adapter with inconsistent quality control.

I should note that it doesn’t seem to work with some DS2 models, but does with most - I had about six psx/2 controllers, and most worked.

This adapter is mentioned in the compatibility thread, btw.

Edit: just watched that video you linked. Not sure what 100% proof you’re talking about. The amount of lag is completely meaningless - anything sub 4-5ms shouldn’t be noticeable for a user. Also, that video is demonstrating the Cronus device, and so does not really give an accurate picture of what we’re talking about here.

In a nutshell, if it’s just lag you’re concerned about, just stick with the DS3.

If you’re worried about the deadzone with the sticks, then I’m not sure what to suggest. The definition for where the stick engages for digital inputs could depend on a variety of factors, such as the ps3’s firmware, as well as being defined differently from game to game.



and people who connect MIDI keyboards to PC’s don’t complain about latency all the time, aka lag, I guess those people can’t feel milliseconds worth of delay when striking a key and having it come out of the speakers. Yeah they must be delusional.

And how is the cronus example not close to, if not actually doing so, proving that there’s atleast some lag with wireless controllers.


I play on a CRT haha

Am I funking your shit up or something, you seem very perturbed.


The deadzone is a problem with my 3rd party controllers.
The dualshock 3 and 2 are perfect.

But yeah, who wants lag…?
no matter the amount

This is a hypothetical situation.

Say you were fighting a person in real life.
Would you want to perform at base level, or have a slight disadvantage ?

No ones gonna pick the latter.


Most people in this forum demand a high level of performance from their game interface equipment.

The difference between the wired and wireless pads in that video is about 0.2ms. I completely agree that a few milliseconds is a big deal when it comes to matters of high fidelity, but 0.2ms is not.

The Cronus video is testing the amount of lag introduced by the Cronus device with various devices, and so it’s not a perfect test for the controllers.

Finally, to actually answer your question, you can certainly make a DS3 wired in principle. Look up padhacking to get some idea of what is involved. I suspect it will be a painful process, but if a wired DS3 you must have, it is theoretically possible.


If you are genuinely experiencing input lag with your DS3, check for interference from other devices or try another DS3.


Look, the issue with Lag with Wireless controllers been over since last Gen.

The GC Wavebird does not lag, neither does the Sony Six Axis or Dual Shock 3, the MS Xbox 360 Wireless controllers do not lag, The Wii Remote and the Wii U Pro controller and tabled controller does not lag on input. The Wii U tablet has 1 frame of Video Lag, which is great for video streaming over bluetooth.
This been covered all years ago.

The one Wireless controller confirmed for that lag is the Hori Tekken Wireless stick.

Only reasons to mod a PS3 Dualshock 3 to be WIRED is to make the pad Evo Legal or you are not replacing a dead battery. Even then you have to disable the onboard bluetooth radio on the Game pad.


Geez. This thread, I don’t even know what to say.

Snoop, you’re very misinformed, in many ways. One thing you should do is trust us that there isn’t any humanly noticeable lag on the official wireless controllers for PS3 and Xbox. If you can’t even take the word of people who have seen Toodle’s video tests of the DS3 not lagging in the slightest, then I don’t know how anyone here can help you.

You’re also completely misinformed about MIDI controllers on PC and lag. There is no lag on a MIDI controller. The reason anyone may complain about MIDI lag is because, if you (and them) knew anything about what they (think) were talking about, the lag comes from the audio interface audio buffers, NOT the MIDI controller. For example, you can get a top end audio card and output audio via ASIO (look it up) which has an audio sample size buffer. You can set the latency as high 2048 audio samples samples or as low as 48 audio samples.

Don’t know what audio samples are? Well, depending on the sample rate, each second will have a wave form of samples. 1024 audio samples is roughly 22 ms of lag and that’s a high setting for an audio interface. That would be 2 frames if you are more knowledgeable about frames. Basically, I can set my audio buffer to less than a complete frame of lag, but it’s far more taxing on the CPU. The ASIO audio buffer setting will dictate any “MIDI Controller Lag” and if people don’t know how to set it up or have to set it higher because their PC can’t process all the audio samples (DAW’s can have hundreds of tracks that need played back all at once, that is why there is a freeze or bounce to audio feature in many…) which will create an audio delay.

But that isn’t the MIDI controllers lagging.

Of course, this isn’t even considering other audio drivers like WASAPI, DirectSound, MME, WDM, and so on, which all will have various buffer settings.


Wait. GC Wavebirds don’t lag? I’m not doubting you or anything but I’d love to see hard numbers.


DS3 was tested against a Cthulhu and there was no noticeable difference. Any lag when playing old PS1/PS2 games is due to emulation.


You guys are arguing with SnoopDogg…



I personally wouldn’t have cared but he then went and made a ridiculous claim about MIDI controller lag. At that point, I really had to give some bait to the troll.