Make Fabio an avatar. Yes u can too satisfy Fabio! Come on in!

Make Fabio an avatar, no questions asked.

Must involve a picture of (who else) Fabio.

Anything glowing or shining would be appreciated. Now go and help Fabio, because Fabio will be your next god.

The only SF character that resembles Fabio is Gill. Now an avatar of both would be pretty cool. But doesn’t necessarily need Gill as Fabio is funny enough by himself. The Avatar must also have Fabio2k5 inside.


hahah lol

now shutap!

Thank u servant. Does anyone have the capability to make this avatar shiny for Fabio? With vibrant colors?

I think Fabio wants it to “have that heat.”

Someone slap “fuckachunkz” on that bitch and call it a day.

god damn.

what’s with all these assy requests lately?

thread closededededed.