Make it happen-WONG VS DAIGO part 3. Final Fight!

the main events that people know about for the most part

daigo beat wong in sf3 at evo
daigo beat wong at the nationals

so lets get one last main event into peoples consciousness for sf4. most of you have all read wongs recent interview where he mentions he would have had a better pick against ryu, he beat daigo while in japan 10-4, and he can do it again. now granted there can and will be so many more very very good and hype matches. im personally real curious of this one, since i feel wong has basicaly said, fuck a daigo. ha ha. i think this is one of the many wars in street fighter that old and new can acknowledge, and i think evo would be an excellent ground to settle it if daigo comes.

now i dont know all of wongs accomplishments vs daigo specifically, so feel free to enlighten us if you have little known info.

i dont really know. i mean its seems sf4 is a pretty equal ground amongst players nowadays. maybe because people are playing it a lot more, and studying a lot more because its a new game, or maybe some would argue the game mechanics and character chagnes that are allowing the ground to be a bit more level amongst players. point being, i dont know if i have wong or daigo on this. wong seems so hype to be the best, and is one of the best right now, but then again, who really knows shit about daigo, other than vids and stuff. i dont think most people here know how often he practices and stuff.

so before i go any further. lets discuss. will this happen? can it happen? who would when? why so and so would win over so and so? etc…

im curious

the winner is whoever doesnt read this thread

so i lost so far

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This is pretty much destined to happen.

if i were going to evo this year i would watch this on the big screen

this rly should be a main event considering the history these 2 players have…daigo beating justin at evo 2k4 and then meeting again in japan with justin winning 10-4 then daigo coming in and beating justin 4-0 rounds…this RLY needs to happen and it would settle the score for this year on whos better at the new game of the ages

but im going to japan during SBO and ill be hoping for justin to play daigo again during the tournament or in casuals

this definitely NEEDS to happen

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does anyone know when justin went to japan? speaking of when he beat daigo 10-4, and who was justin using. i didnt see it mentioned in the interview. i dont know who to ride with. like all the good players are becoming great players, and the great players are doing their best to fight off other great players. the competition level is high for sf4

i wonder who else daigo plays.

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Man I love that show.

In which game Justin beat Daigo 10-4? Where is the interview you guys are talking about?

I know Justin beat Daigo at CvS2 in some Evo. CvS2 players can probably tell how and when

Justin beat Daigo 2-1 in CVS 2 at Evo 2k6. I have the DVD. This is when Daigo was really rusty, and I would like to add, he barely beat him.

The last time I heard of Justin going to Japan was last year at SBO when SFIV was in it’s infancy. I don’t even believe Daigo was playing SFIV at the time, as a matter of fact, I’m positive he wasn’t. I’m s ure at some previous event Justin beat Daigo in 3s. That the only game he could possibly be talking about.

I would still want Justin to win, because I’m pro American. But it’ll be hard to pull for him all things considered.

i believe the game justin beat daigo in was sf4 when he was in japan. at least thats how it seemed in the interview, but he didnt clarify. he said

I’m not so sure. “Barely won”," I’m positive he didn’t play" and “was very rusty” are typical japanophile excuses. How about you make the same excuses for Justin and say that he lost the exhibition because he was tired or whatever other BS?

Daigo plays SFIV. He doesn’t play MvC2. Let him try to take a single game from Justin in that. If you win 4 games, you play, be it 3S or SFIV.

Thanks for the info, guys.

Obviously Daigo is gonna win…Wong is not skilled enough. Everyone knows Wong is Daigo’s bitch. Thats his rep from now on.

I dont give a fuck if Wong is pissed, stay pissed at the truth…you’ll never be as good as daigo Justin Wong.

All Wong got is Marvel, he aint shit without…he’s fucked…get romped at evo like always.

I thinks its a toss up but I voted justin he’s been playing like 24/7 traveling like crazy seems more prepared as of now but I don’t know how much daigo is playing and it is a pretty long time till evo

you seem to have a raging hard on for him…

i was at last sbo and yeah daigo was doing nothing but playing sf4
i played him for like 5 hours at club sega when the 3s 5v5 was going on

im sure hes alot better now than he was then
because i almost beat him a few times and i had only been playing the game for like 2 days at that point lol

Shit man I lost too :tdown:

i need like a first to ten with these two also. like, no best out of 3 shit. evo’s gonna be bananas with comp in general.

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Person C: Daigo will win!
Person D: nuthugger.

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