Make It Rain Red: The Vega Combo/Tech Thread (Arcade Edition)



Welcome to the new (WIP) Vega combo and tech thread for SFV: Arcade Edition.

Game Version: Season 4

Change log:

  • 3/6/2019: Added Section B (placeholder) and C under “Combos”, link to the MU thread (WIP), and “Move Breakdown” in OP.
  • 3/3/2019: New thread created. Added Notation and useful links. Labeled sections and added BnB’s under the combo section.

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"CLAW" - combo starts in Claw stance
"HAND" - combo starts in Clawless/bare handed stance
"NO CLAW" - combo starts in Clawless stance when you have lost access to Claw stance by getting hit
"CT" - Crimson Terror
"ASE" - Aurora Spin Edge (Claw Stance Only)
“FBA” - Flying Barcelona Attack
"SC" - Stance Change/Switch Claw
"GID" - Grand Izuna Drop (Clawless Stance Only)

** General**
“s” - standing
"c" - crounching
"f" - forward
"j" - jumping
"L" - light
"M" - medium
"H" - heavy

“lp” - light punch/jab
"mp" - medium punch/strong
"hp" - heavy punch/fierce
"lk" - light kick/short
"mk" - medium kick/forward
"hk" - heavy kick/roundhouse

“CH” - counterhit
"CC" - Crush Counter
"CA" - Critical Art (Super)
“xx” - cancel
"TC" - Target Combo
"EX" - EX verison of a special move
"SKD" - Soft Knockdown (can be quick rised/teched)
“HKD” - Hard Knockdown (cannot be quick rised)
"TKD" - Throw Knockdown (cannot be back rised)
“AA” - Anti-Air
oki - short for “okizeme”; aka wake-up pressure
quick rise - when an opponent uses the option to rise faster after a KD, aka “teching” the KD.
back rise - same as “quick rise”, but opponent jumps back slightly and rises slightly later
"VTC" - V-Trigger Cancel
"oB" - on block
"oH" - on hit
"OH" - overhead

Move Breakdown



  • s.lp: 5/2/9/1/5
    slow start up for a light and whiffs on crounchers. However, good forward hitbox with a disjoint and combos into M.ASE. Situational button.

  • 8/2/14/2/6
    Long range poke and +2 oB. Slow start up for a medium and poor hitbox surronded by hurtbox. Hurbox 1f before active and 3 frames after. Decent button but don’t spam it.

  • s.hp: 8/2/
    Combo starter/filler that forces stand. Poor horizontal range but safe oB. OHCable into TC.

  • f.hp:
    Very longe range poke and CC. Slow startup, recovery, very negative oB, no reward without a CH or VTC. Useful in a couple of MU’s but generally not worth risking more than 1/2 times a round.

  • c.lp:
    Average 4f jab with decent range. Small fwd disjoint. 5f of hurtbox post-active but fast recovery.

    Mediocre poke. +1 oB and hitbox surronded by hurtbox. Used mostly to tack-on dmg from a hit.

Slow pressure button and situational AA. Slight move fwd with small fwd hitbox. Block close SC leads to CG/FT 50/50. Forces stand.

3f with a slight fwd disjoint. No cancel but good range for a 3f.
Stance universal poke. Large hurtbox 1f before active and slight fwd hurtbox, but lower leg has no hurtbox. Great against lows with decent active frames.
Standard OH with shit frame data. Decent range and discreet startup animation.
CC normal and main AA. Whiffs crouching. Slow start up for AA but large disjointed AA hitbox with big damage on CH.
4f low that combos into jab.
Slow, +2 oB low. Pressure tool/combo starter. Easy confirm into a combo.
Slide the god. Always unsafe oB but a great punish and whiff punish tool. CC leads to FBA setups.


3f but whiffs on crounchers. Mostly combo fodder. Links to
Main hand stance poke. Hitbox surronded by hurtbox but cancelable. Step forward makes cancels into CT very consistent.

slower alternative with a better hitbox. Long post active hurtbox and less reliable cancel into H.CT due to no forward movement.

see claw stance
Decent 6f poke. No startup hurtbox and slight fwd disjoint. Cancelable but high pushback and 5f of lingering hurtbox.

Canned oki button and decent AA. Slight fwd disjoint and good AA disjoint. No extra hurtbox on startup. 7f of post active hurtbox. +3oB and forces standing.

Claw Your Way To The Top: The Vega Match-Up Thread (Arcade Edition)


Starting stance is listed before each combo. Numbers after combos are damage, stun, and frame advantage if the opponent is standing. For example the first combo does 121 damage, 253 stun, and is +2 on hit.

A. BnB’s. Know and practice these (meterless) combos.


1., c.lp xx L.CT (121/253)

  • Basic 3f light confirm for both stances.

2. (Claw), (124/190)

  • Extra damage from your main claw stance poke.

3. (Claw) s.hp xx SC, xx H.CT (230/400)

  • Primary meterless big damage combo from claw stance. Knocks down, good corner carry.

4. (Claw) c.hp xx SC, s.lp, xx M.CT (225/398)

  • Confirmable combo from a good pressure button. Note and M.CT are prone to whiffing from farther out.

5. (Hand) xx H.CT (168/280)

  • Simple buffer/whiff punish into a KD and good corner carry.

6. (Hand), xx H.CT (200/350)

  • Big damage hand stance combo. Typically used for a jump-in or dizzy combo due to’s low range.

7. (Hand) c.hp, c.lp xx L.CT (171/333)

  • Hand confirm combo from a pressure button.

8. (Claw) CC, s.hp xx SC, xx H.CT (274/490/)

  • CC DP punish from claw stance

9. (Hand) CC,, xx H.CT (250/450/)

  • CC DP Punish from hand stance.

10. (AA) CC, EX.FBA>Izuna (240/355)

  • The only EX combo in this section. Great damage from an AA and stance universal.

B. Utility Combos: Situational but still useful combos.


1. (Claw)[AA] H.ASE, M.ASE (/)

C. EX Combos: Where you can, should, or need to burn meter.

  1. (Claw) s.hp xx SC, TC xx EX.FBA>Izuna (306/454)
  • +76 damage/54 stun, but less corner carry EX variant of combo A3.
  1. (Hand) c.hp, c.lp xx EX.FBA>Izuna (251/388)
  • +80/+55 EX variant of combo A7. Good trade for a bar.
  1. (Hand) xx EX.CT, (196/328)
  • Most reliable buffer/combo from, only whiffing from absolute maximum range. Not the best use of a stock but useful if you need damage from the hitbox you need out in 6f.

4. (Claw)[AA] H.ASE, EX.FBA>Izuna (264/400)

  • EX variant of combo B1 that adds +92/65 dmg/stun at the cost of less oki. Situational but strong damage from an AA.’’




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