Make It Rain: The Rain Combo Thread



Ok, here’s some stuff after messing a bit in training mode…

b+2,1+2, dash-in 4,3 xx d,b+2, 4,3 xx b,f+1 (28%)
1,2,f+4, 1,2,f+4, 4,3 xx b,f+1 (30%)
4,3 xx d,b+2, 4,3 xx d,b+4, d+2 (34%)
4,3 xx d,b+2, 4,3 xx d,f+3, 4,3 xx b,f+1 (37%)
1,2,f+4, 1,2,f+4, 4,3 xx d,f+3, 4,3 xx d,b+2, 1,2,f+4
4,3 xx d,b+2, 4,3 xx d,f+3, 4,3 xx X-Ray, d+2 (49% X-Ray)
b+2,1+2, dash-in b+2,1+2, 4,3 xx d,f+3, 4 xx d,b+2, d,b+4, d+2

1,2,f+4, 4,3 xx d,b+3, 4,3 xx d,b+3, 4,3 xx d,b+3 (39%)

#2 Day 1 meter-less combos


43% Meterless Midscreen

j.2, 4, 3, D, F+3, 4, 3, D, B+4, 4, 3, D, B+2, FD, D+2

D+2 can be replaced with [D, B+3] or [4, B, F+1]

With the powerup it’s 46%.


rain seems to be a juggle heavy character with high dmg out put but bad defense options


His defense options aren’t terrible. His teleport seems invincible on wakeup and so does his anti-air uppercut, which doesn’t seem to have any freaking recovery if blocked.

I like his EX water gun as a wakeup. It has armor and pushes the opponent away half a screen. But as an anti-air, I prefer his EX Chuck Norris kick. Absorb the incoming jump punch or kick, smack, combo.

I also hit this combo numerous times yesterday. It’s a waste of meter but it’s cool. Basically I tried to emulate the combo we saw on the trailers.

(j.p) 1, 2, f+4, dash, 4, 3 XX d,b+4, 1, 1 XX d,b+2, d,f+3, redirect as high and away from you as possible, X-Ray, d,b+3

I think it’s 47%, but can’t remember if this number is because of the j.p or not.


Is there any reason to be using 1, 1 in combos? 4, 3 has better damage and it can be used the same way as 1, 1.


I can give you an excellent reason: you’re playing online and lag prevents you from timing 4,3.


I definitly thing 4,3 is his best combo starter for punishment and general usage as it doesn’t scale horribly and leads into any of his specials. although i do feel like it is only to his benefit to mixup his offense with <-2, 1+2 just to keep on pressure and not become too predictable even though to be honest there really isnt any other need to use his other strings besides 4,3 but its an option


Agreed. b+2,1+2 is really good also due to the overhead properties.


a couple of juggles i like use are:
1,2 ->4 dash 1,2->4 dash 4,3xx water bubble, 4,3xx lightning xx super kick, 1,1xx teleport 37% ( u can also sub in <2, 1+2 into this combo if u hit an overhead)
4,3 xx water bubble 4,3xx geyser, 4,3xx geyser, 4,3xx lightning xx superkick, 1,1 teleport 36%
1,2->4 dash 1,2->4 dash 4,3xx water bubble, 4,3xx lightning xx superkick xx x-ray (wait until the are about to make contact with you) xx geyser 46% ( <-2, 1+2 can also be subbed for 1,2-> in this combo)

4,3 ex water bubble, 4,3 lightning xx superkick, xx geyser xx teleport
4,3 water bubble, 4,3 ex lightning, superkick, xx geyser, xx teleport
(corner only) 4,3 xx water bubble, 4,3 xx geyser, 4,3xx lightning, 4,3 geyser 43%

just a few combos i like


oh found this on youtube earlier there is some sick stuff in here [media=youtube]UIlCvVB3-7I[/media]


hey guys lookin to lvl up my rain anyone who wants to help look for quandaghost on xbl on the weekends after 12 thanks


What are the good main B&B’s for rain as a starting point? i really like him as a character and he’s purple! his playstyle is cool to but whats the best starting combo’s to learn now he has been out a few weeks :slight_smile:


I started out with basic launcher combos then tried to see what could be added cause i was without the interwebs for a while, but both the top post and mine have some pretty good bnb’s you’ll probably use the ones that start with the 4,3 the most as it will be your main poking tool


Sweet thanks had a mess about tonight with some friends of mine and i see his huge potential i’ll let you guys know if i find anything not allready mentioned :slight_smile:


cool beans man. im finding that rain has no real way to open up a defensively minded opponent, while this is nothing new to this mk its especially hard for rain who mostly resorts to having to punish his opponent to really get anything. going might have wait until some patches to really have a chance in high level


thanks alot