Make me a Warzard avatar

just make him passing by …

and is there any sprites of pedestrian in sf3s running away from Q . ??

and put this “SRK INVASION !”

edit : i want SFA3 Guy’s stage as background

PM me if completed

Find Guy’s stage for me. :slight_smile:

It’s a parallax background.

Here’s a few screencaps.

thank you …hope you guys can find those pedestian folks running …

can’t found …than use yang’s cat …

can’t find the cat …oh man , thin out something hilarious .

use this word …1st frame !! SRK INVADES !!
2nd frame WHERE’S YOUR GOD !!??

Hey xeno? Got any other CFE stuff?

I’m looking for standing animations of Leo and Nool.


try fighter’s generation… They are back up and I think the front page should have the Leo standing animaiton.


Naw…it’s still running the Hauzer chasin Todoh animation.

I got a Leo taunt animation from the front page a while back, but not standing Leo.


Bump !..

Hauzer’s standing animation is on the front page of FG but it’s all sped up and looks wierd.

Hey, thanks, SA.M!

Now all I need is Hydron/Nool.


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bump T_T …