Make me an av

I’d like my av to be a picture of Altered Beast, preferably the classic ‘roaring werewolf engulfed in flames’ animation. I’d also like my name in a very basic ‘16-bit’-like white font. Thanks in advance to whoever’s up to the task.

Nobody, huh :bluu:

if u get me a pic, i’ll do it

Cool, here ya go


how’s this? i can do something else to it… like change the colors…

unless you want something else in there, like real flames or something… idk… i’m not feeling too creative this morning… and i’m not too creative without sprites… but i try :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually, that blur animation is kinda making me dizzy. Is there another kind of effect you can do for the pic? Like just making the fire animate but keeping the wolf static?

i can’t really animate the flames without the original animation

unless some1 else wants to take it, be my guest


If you can make the av static with no animation I’ll take that…

like this?

sorry i couldn’t have been more of a help :frowning: :confused:

It’s all good dude, much thx