Make me my avatar and win

Sketch for me the avatar pic I will choose among all others and win a prize from me.

What I would like is a sketch of Ryu’s master’s daughter, version 2 only. Meaning the following description from Tiamat’s Street Fighter Plot Guide:

“Imagine Vice with Black/Blue hair. Give her a white gi. Curl her pants to
her knees and give her the same beads Gouki has.”

No sprite edits please, I’ve seen several of those already. To qualify for the prize, please email me your entries (one entry per person please) by October 31, 2007, satisfying all parts of the description above. Any questions or comments please email me: Thanks everyone.

WTF? Take this shit to fanart.


Sorry givequicheachance. Guessed the wrong forum to place this, my bad.

Don’t call it shit though.

If the shoe fits.


What’s the prize?

Any questions or comments please email me:


this isnt some “mystery box” shit, nobody is going to want to help you out if youre keeping it this big surprise a big surprise

Ha ha maybe I’ll try something lol. Maybe, as usual always pressed for time…

scum gale 88, rudeness will get you nowhere. Help me?? This is an invitation to potentially help yourselves, nothing more. How can you tell me what my invitation is and what it isn’t? If it’s “mystery box” shit, it’s because I SAY SO, not you or anyone else. Show me effort, and have a chance to be rewarded for your effort. You don’t care to? I won’t either. Don’t want to respect my rules? I give a flying iota. Just let it faze out like most every other request I’ve made on SRK outside of Warrior’s Fate. Less for me to worry about.

Are people here paid to be mannerless unless they step into a circle of authority or something?

The suprise is mansex.

Run away.


Oh look who’s bawling again.

I rest my case. Shoushi!

Hey Vasili, can you PM about the prize? I’ll be happy to do it!

hmmm Maybe we need to start defining rules for requesting in this section as well a la Image Mishmash? Maybe merge it onto the “critique or not to critique” thread?

I personally don’t think we need guidelines for this… isn’t it pretty much common sense?

(1) Request gets made
[]list specifications of request
]offer consideration to encourage a response (optional)

(2) Ppl see request, decide to take it up or not.

(3) If someone decides to do it, negotiations can begin.
[]In an ideal situation, if all goes well – request gets fulfilled, artist receives any promised consideration.
]If negotiations fall through (failure by requester / artist / both to keep their end of bargain), go back to Step (2).
[*]Note that some requests never get beyond Step (2).

Of course, being vague about a prize usually doesn’t work to encourage participant response. If you’re upfront about it, ppl will be less skeptical about your sincerity.

Since the thread starter has requested for communication to be done via e-mail, I’m closing this thread. As with all deals between various parties, *caveats *apply.