Make sure your 360 has a common ground before padhacking :(


Hey just wanted to thank all of you guys for helping me out with the wiring. I forgot who but someone told me to buy the seimitsu ls-32 stick because my 360 does not have a common ground. Here is the wiring. as you can see, its a biatch…

nonetheless here is the finished product

I would like to blame street fighter 4 because it encouraged me to pad hack a 360 when i was happy playing in ggpo + lizardlick was slow because of sf4 so all this took about a month.

I now have a spare Sanwa JLF (dunno exact model but its the one with the board {the one with 5 wires … common ground so i couldnt use it on my stick})

and 6 x 24 mm clear white pushbuttons because i ordered the wrong ones :frowning: but it worked out for the best lol

let me know if anyone is interested. didnt mean to start a trade here or anything. just thanking everyone for helping me out. good luck everyone!


congrats on your build

im sure someone will snag those parts from you


I thought modern cameras had auto focus…


dont hate on my g1 camera lol
yea it does focus but i guess i moved at the moment



I’m interested in the JLF and the buttons, saves me from ordering elsewhere. Are the buttons and stick still new and unused?


If you know how to solder you can still use the JLF…


I have a G1… trust me I feel your pain


it didn’t have a common ground so i needed a ground for its corresponding commands


haha is that a joytech controller? I just put one of them into a DC agetec stick. No common ground so it was a fun first test run.
And im getting a jlf as well. I practiced on my dc’s joystick.
You just take an xacto knife or something similar and cut all traces near the switches for the common ground, and make them independent. then you just solder on 3 new wires to match the new separate grounds.


thats true but you ruin a pcb for the JLF by doing so…


ooo yea some guy i forgot who told me how to do it. i thought you also need the cherry switches or something

and yea its a joytech lol its amazing how you can see it with all the wires and tape lol