Make The Finals Before Finals At York U (CvS2 & 3S Teams, MvC2, R4 Challenge)

Solid turnout today…

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (7 Teams)
1st - Team Cocky (Flightwing/JS Master/Ratio1beatdown)
2nd - Team Unleashed Fury (Nagata Lock II/Ack/Gerjay)
3rd - Team You Owe Me $2.50 (Jiggabry/Kymah/Noodleman)
4th - Team Hammer (Veggiebob2002/Fobhunter/WB!)
5th - Team Tork (Cyrus/Yoh!/X-Pac786)
5th - Team Hamilton (RPGv2/Chr0nic/Random_Hero)
7th - Team Gwai Jai (B4K4/Coveguy/Cruxay)

1st - Team Shi Gi Ke Kyu Jo (Don/Tek/Ack)
2nd - Team Baitout (AneurismX/Adam B/JS Master)
3rd - Team Pak (Anthony/Pak/Louis)
4th - Team Annex Sub (Andrew/Henry/Angry Black)
5th - Team Hammer + Kin (RPGv2/Kymah/WB!)
5th - Team FX (Miles/Paul/Alex)
7th - Team Wake Up Super (Mike/Cruxay/Coveguy)
7th - Team Random (Sinclair/ChaChaMan/Gerjay)
9th - Team CDS (Chingo/Charles/Dave)

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (17 Entrants)
1st - Jiggabry
2nd - DarkDragon
3rd - Gerjay
4th - Kymah
5th - JS Master
5th - Ratio1beatdown
7th - Nagata Lock II
7th - Darren
9th - WB!
9th - Yoh!
9th - Noodleman
9th - RPGv2
13th - Fobhunter
13th - Coveguy
13th - Angry Black
13th - X-Pac786
17th - Cruxay

1st - WB! (C Rock)
2nd - Jiggabry (K Sagat)
3rd - Flightwing (A Nakoruru)
4th - RPGv2 (K Maki)
5th - Kymah (C Yun)
5th - Noodleman (A Blanka)
7th - X-Pac786 (P Vega)
7th - Darren (C Joe)
9th - EX-S (K Geese)
9th - Fobhunter (C Rugal)
9th - Yoh! (P Cammy)
9th - Cruxay (K Maki)
13th - Gerjay (A Blanka)
13th - ChaChaMan (N Sagat)
13th - Random Hero (K Vega)
13th - AneurismX (P Blanka)
17th - Ack (C Vega)
17th - Nagata Lock II (C Vega)
17th - B4K4 (K Cammy)
17th - Coveguy (K Terry)
17th - Chr0nic (K Morrigan)
17th - Ratio1beatdown (K Sagat - Forfeit)
17th - Cyrus (A Blanka)
17th - Darkdragon (N Rolento)
25th - Veggiebob2002 (A Athena)
25th - Angry Black (P Blanka - Forfeit)

The R4 Challenge was a tremendous success as a test run and will be used at T6 for an attraction match.

GG’s to everyone today, I hope to see you all at Shoppers World in two weeks.

Good games to everyone.

R4 Challenge was a total success. Hopefully there is another one at Shopper’s World. Can’t wait to see the video posted online.

Congrats Jamie for somehow winning R4 challenge. Team Hammer that shit!

lol, I dunno where Jamie pulled that win from, but props to him. :stuck_out_tongue:



I was lucky in a lot of ways but I’m not complaining. I’m in between jobs and I need the fucking coin. :tup:

Yo Gerjay, when I get in a better situation with money I’ll do a money match with you like you wanted after that tourney.

wtf ???

Tekken 5 Results:
1st - AVEX HONDA NSX (Feng, Baek)
2nd - 2nd2n0ne (Jin, Julia)
3rd - Richie (don’t know his SRK name :S) (Bryan)
4th - b4k4 (Nina, Yoshimitsu)
5th - Angry Black (Bryan, Baek)
5th - Dark Dragon (Bryan, Asuka)
7th - Nagata Lock II (Law)
7th - RPGv2 (Nina)
9th - Kymah (Asuka)

Haha, so, uh, pretty much all of the Tekken community didn’t show up to this one. Everyone’s busy with university, and we’re supposed to be having a big team tournament after finals… which is probably why.

I’d like to thank Stephen again for rides to/from York; I raelly appreciated it, man.

I know there’s more to CvS2 than holding forward and pressing fierce with Cammy… I just haven’t figured it out, yet. I thought our CvS2 team was going to be “Team Caucasia Knows How To Party.”


haha!!! i love ratio 4!! it saved me from having a complete blowout of a tourny… stupid marc! making me join mvc2 and getting last place lol… stupid game i gotta learn it ><" i was like asing vanny for tips as he was whopping my ass! XD

hm… fun day still… and i made some progress… i actually won THREE games this time compared to my first tourny, where i ddnt win a single game… lol

rpgv2’s maki = my god… must… learn… more lol

and the ratio4 vid is gunna be wicked lol… cant wait to download that shit.

i’m really sorry to all my 3s partners, 1st i didn’t know the rules must stay gay and we can’t use the same characters…
stephen: i’ll give u back ur parking fee and buy u a dinner next time i see u
and i’m really REALLY sorry to my other 3s partners, i really had to leave before the finals ended…

Nagata lock: sry i forgot to give u ur $2 wen i left, i’ll be sure to give it to u next time

PS. Ack is too good at Rock paper scissors, he OCVed our team

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The SF3S team match was amazing…I wanna say Thx to my SF3S teammate cuz they did a REALLY good job. JS I still owned u a quater and your lucky coin made us came back. AneurismX I hated you cuz u ruin my 34 Win…Damnit!!!

Good games everyone and hopefully we can get more dt ppl to play in your future tourneys.

team fx

gg’s to all
i think that guy cyrus is soo good.
who is that guy??? :stuck_out_tongue:
i had u noodle and u KNOW it. that was fun…how many times did we go thru each other? rc’s are pure scam…
gg to all especially TORK. gandhi u know we shoulda taken fourth team hammer GOT NOTHING!! j/k
anyway great games to all. i learned a lot form my first tourney ever.
thanks to all who helped in making it (ng2, gerjay, marc etc.)
off to studying for 2 exams on monday and tuesday >.<

LOL :rofl:

i forgot to add a big thank you also to annie and darren. both were very supportive and i think darren taped some of my matches :stuck_out_tongue:
good stuff thanks guys

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Good games everyone…The free parking made it worth while!

Hey Nagata it’s 2am…is this not late enough for ya??

can i PLEASE have my tork avatar
tom link me
gg…btw adam are u that guy thats like a BEAST with ken?
i saw this guy on js’s team that was monstrous

1st u did know seeing how u told me u were running 3s, then u magically let marc and nagata steamroll u about ur own damn rules. honestly i don’t see whats the big deal seeing how the team tourny didn’t even follow all the fucking rules in the first place.

i don’t want ur fucking dinner u might bail out on the bill last second.

no you’re not.

js - Stephen
Js - i think ben might ditch us and join wit adam’s team
js - even if he comes
js - cuz he likes to win

irony X 10

its pretty embarrassing to plan on entering a team tourny for more than a month, then being the only player not joining it minutes before it even starts, then having to sit there whole day watching ppl have the time of their lives. This tourny sucked.

I am really sorry man bro, we couldnt find a 3rd and had to swipe JS last second.