Make up an award for a 2010 game you played

The podcast I produce is doing it’s second ‘game awards show’. I’m looking for entries. However, our show is a bit different to others - we’re an *anti-*GOTY show. Here’s why:

We’re covering games from 2010

You make up an award and choose a game to win

We’re doing 2010 games (inc. boardgames), because it gives you more time to play them. Regular game awards happen in December, right? But if a game is only released in November, you’ve hardly had any time to play.

And regular game awards are things like ‘best action/shooter’ or ‘best open world game’. Well, my friend liked hunting in Red Dead Redemption, but I was really moved by the ending. So where are the awards that reflect our experiences?

So, create an award and pick a game to win it. It can be anything you want. For our 2009 show, Batman: Arkham Asylum won ‘best stubble’ & Resident Evil 5 won ‘best way to smuggle cantaloupes’.

Give it a shot and I’ll try to read your entries out on the show. :slight_smile: Here’s a link to our first award show, last year (for 2009).